5 Reasons Why Boarding Schools Are Better Than Day Schools

5 Reasons Why Boarding Schools Are Better Than Day Schools

Letting your child leave the nest early and join a boarding school is certainly not an easy decision to make, neither for the parents nor for children. After all, it does feel so much easier just to enrol your child to the nearest day school and have him/her come back to the cocoon at the end of the day. But are you sure that is the best thing you can do for your child who is gradually growing to compete for making his/her place in such a wide world a few years later? This is where boarding schools gain an edge over the day schools in enabling the kids to grow into more confident, more responsible, more success-driven individuals.

We know that there prevails a misconception in society that children who are either too studious or those who are weak in academics are the ones who are sent to boarding schools. But we, at Vidsan Charthouse, would like to assure you that boarding schools are for every child as they aid the development of the young minds in the best possible way. Here are a few aspects which will make you understand why boarding schools can provide children with an edge that they never get to gain in day schools.

#1. Developing a sense of punctuality and discipline

The foremost reason that makes boarding schools a better option than day schools is the fact that the former naturally inculcate a sense of punctuality and discipline in the students. At a boarding school, children are made to follow and maintain a schedule according to which they wake up, study, eat, and sleep. There are rules both within the school and in the hostels that each student follows diligently. It all comes together to groom them into more responsible and dependable individuals in future.

#2. Access to sports and extracurricular activities

We are, in no way, saying that there’s anything wrong with the sports facilities at the day schools. It’s just the fact that the encouragement to engage in extracurricular activities and sports are noticeably higher in boarding schools. Children are inspired to participate in at least one co-curricular activity or sport. And, owing to the camaraderie that exists between the boarders, children learn to come forward to encourage each other and stand with their peers whenever needed. This helps to instil in them some crucial life skills like team spirit, collaboration, communication, and more.

#3. Fewer distractions to take the focus away from studies

Boarding schools keep children focused on their responsibility as a learner. Students here remain more engrossed in their academics and personal development as unnecessary distractions are eliminated. Children don’t get lured into any activity that shifts their concentration. Being in such an environment of learning and knowledge, the progress of the young budding geniuses is made more effective and continuous.

#4. Children learn to be more self-reliant and independent

This is one of the prime reasons why parents prefer sending their children to a boarding school. At a boarding school, children learn to take care of themselves from a really young age, which turns them into an independent individual for life. In a day school, children have a more sheltered upbringing since they know that they can rely on their parents for even the smallest of chores, which they otherwise would have attempted to do by themselves.

#5. Encouraging and exciting summer programmes

Well-planned and exciting summer programs are an important feature of leading boarding schools. At Vidsan, we have noticed how excited our summer programs make our children because it gives them a chance to expand their boundaries of knowledge. Students get to go to top international educational institutes, interact with students from different backgrounds, and shape their own worldviews. There’s a lot that children take away from the summer programmes.

At Vidsan Charterhouse, one among the Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR, we do understand that initially it sounds like a tough decision to take to let your child join a boarding school, but if you see, it eventually helps the kids to blossom into independent, successful individuals. We, in our years of experience grooming the young minds, have seen how important it is for children to grow in a disciplined, independent, and holistic manner, and a boarding school is the place where this is made possible. At Vidsan, we take complete care to provide our pupils with an environment where they are not only nurtured to the core but which even children love to consider as their second home.

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