A Positive Learning Environment is Conducive to the Overall Growth of the Learners

A Positive Learning Environment is Conducive to the Overall Growth of the Learners

“Education must be viewed from the lens of providing each child with the learning environment that best meets his or her needs.”

-Jeb Bush, American Politician and Humanitarian

Perhaps the best way of describing the relationship of children with their learning environment can be given through the analogy of trees and gardening. As a gardener would vouch for, you can only get the blossoming meadows, when the environment for the growth of the trees is conducive to it. The same thing happens to children when they are provided with a positive learning environment.

We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, believe that children learn better when they get supportive and positive learning environs. A positive learning atmosphere gives a sense of belonging to the learners, helps in building their trust, encourages them to tackle problems, and enables them to ask questions. The positive and warm setting of VCH helps our young buds blossom to their fullest potential.

Let’s take a look today at the factors that have led us to believe in the importance of a positive learning environment for the holistic growth of our students.

Takes the stress factor away from the learning process

One of our primary aims in offering a positive learning environment to our children is taking away the undue stress factor from learning. We believe that the young minds should not be goaded into learning just because they ‘have to’ but rather because they ‘want to.’ Once children develop an interest and have a thorough understanding of any subject, the eagerness to learn comes from within.

Learners are appreciated and accepted for their contributions

A constructive environment for a learner is the one where his/her efforts and contributions are noted and applauded. It is human nature to work better when appreciated and valued, and the young minds can only thrive when their school environment resonates that. Be it the kind words of the teachers or the awards they receive for their efforts, we, at VCH, firmly believe in never holding back on the appreciations and rewards.

The feedbacks only lead to further development of their skillset

In our decades of educating children, we have seen that feedbacks have a positive overall growth of young intellects. Scold them continuously about math, and they would simply be reluctant to even venture anywhere near that problem sums. On the other hand, show them their errors patiently and help them work harder, and the results come out surprisingly good.

A constant source of motivation and encouragement

Motivation and encouragement for the learners is the life-breath of an environment that is conducive to growth and learning. There are bound to be hurdles on the path of progress, and when they encounter these barriers, children look up to us for assurance. As such, we take it up as one of our prime responsibilities to ensure giving our pupils a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Greater involvement of students in their growth and progress

Last but not least, one of the primary reasons for us to believe in the need for a positive learning environment lies in the effect that it has on the students. We have seen that the learners are far more invested in their growth when the situation is nurturing and caring enough for that purpose. They learn with an open mind, accept viewpoints, and solve their problems more earnestly.

We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, one of the finest IB Schools in Delhi NCR, have always remained staunch advocates of providing the children with a positive learning atmosphere, and that’s primarily because of the effects that we have seen it levies on the students. It has transformed the way our young learners approach their education and even their extra-curricular activities, and the results have been evident in their holistic growth.

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