Academic Leadership

Our collective faculty comprises distinguished members that are hired nationally and internationally with an intend to leverage from their experiences, background and modern practise. They assume the position of an educator as well as mentor and endeavour to inspire pupils to surpass the set academic standards and empower them with a good character.

Our faculty accounts for competently and proactively improving our educational outcomes, motivating peers and pupils, and enhancing the efficiency and equity of schooling experience. They monitor and evaluate instructional designs, teaching methodologies, educational assessments and classroom management through lesson observations, learning walks, book checking and conducting data analysis.

They record standards of classroom practice and assessments and place the well-being and success of our pupils at the forefront.

Our leadership team encourages the faculty to advance their professional skills and personal development through various training programmes and conferences. 

Time and again, our pupils have received merit awards in recognition of their excellent IGCSE, and Advanced Level results, which is a measurement of accomplishment and a tribute to the efforts and diligence of our teachers.

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