Our Governing Policies

We believe that for an active and positive learning and living atmosphere, a structured code of disciplinary conduct and procedures, and policies that govern them is preeminent.

By administering reasonable mandates and positively reinforcing apt behaviour and discipline, Vidsan Charterhouse aims to maintain a learning ecosystem that challenges the young mind to think progressively, independently and opinionatedly.

Our governing policies have been designed to corroborate our zero tolerance for:

  • Indifferent treatment of an individual
  • Use of any illicit substance or possession of contrabands
  • Inappropriate demeanour or conduct causing imminent danger

Our Grievance Redressal Committee acts as the auditing mechanism and administers these policies, ensuring fair, and standard operation continues with sturdy internal enforcement.

These policies provide guidance, consistency in our procedures and clear expectations from all members of the community – this optimises the overall performance of our pupils, educators and administrators.

About Vidsan Charterhouse

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