School Houses

Vidsan Charterhouse seeks to cultivate and strengthen different virtues that identify the unique attributes of a human.

Our four houses, namely Deacons, Choirmonks, Shepherds and Bishops, pilot the behaviour, action and conduct of our pupils, guiding them towards a self-disciplined and moral life.

Every child is assigned to a schoolhouse and remains its member for the duration of their learning career with us – this builds their character, gives them a sense of loyalty & belonging, and contributes to traits of compassion, responsibility & honesty.

The Head of House oversees the assigned house, organises tasks and motivates pupils to compete in a spirit of healthy competition to collaborate in team events and to excel at individual pursuits.

House points are accumulated throughout the year, and the winning house is awarded the IHA (Inter-house Achiever’s) Cup – this fosters teamwork and sportsmanship amongst pupils giving them a sense of camaraderie.


Our Deacons draw from the glories of fire and represent qualities of diligence, commitment and dedication.


Our Choirmonks employ the divergent attributes of water that include infinite calmness, wilderness, tranquillity and freedom.


Drawing from the characteristics of air, our Shepherds are kind and positive leaders with a strong sense of unity and stability.


As the attributes of the earth, our Bishops are balanced individuals that maintain equilibrium between the head and the heart.

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