Academic facilities & support at VCH: Leading the young scholars closer to a brighter future

Academic facilities & support at VCH: Leading the young scholars closer to a brighter future

Quality education always associates with the impartation of knowledge that brings about the holistic development of the learners. A crucial part of this development is honing the academic prowess of young learners and facilitating skillsets that include linguistic skills, analytical capabilities and a temper of science. At the end of the day, it is these abilities that help the students get closer to their dream universities/colleges, and then onwards, towards their desired job roles.


Thus, when it comes to aiding the young learners in their academic pursuits, we, at Vidsan Charterhouse, have always remained on the forefronts, bridging gaps between secondary and tertiary education. We keep up with the international education benchmarks and enable students to come closer to their ambitions.


Here’s taking a look at how we, at Vidsan, prepare our young scholars with world-class facilities and robust academic support to help them turn their dreams into reality.


Our unique and effective Brainflex programme for the young achievers

One of our many initiatives that have been gaining a lot of appreciation from parents and educators alike is the Brainflex programme. Designed by our top educators, this programme is intended for the students of Grade 9 onwards, and aims to help them excel in international college admissions by preparing them for the ACT, SAT, IELTS, ad TOEFL.


Added learning support for children needing more attention

We understand that a child cannot be a master of every subject, and hence, conduct additional learning support sessions for students to help them overcome their flaws. Students get support, attention and assistance with the intent to address the particular needs through one-on-one teaching-time.


International assessments to take stock of our pupil’s progress as per global benchmarks

The end of every academic year marks the time for international assessments at Vidsan Charterhouse. These tests are evaluated externally and enable us to assess our children’s performance according to globally recognised standards. Each year, along with regular internal assessments, our students also undertake international assessments, including Primary Progression Tests, Cambridge Checkpoint, IGCSE, and BUSSATs, results of which gauge their strengths and weaknesses. Appropriate remedial measures are thereby taken to aid the students in bridging any gaps in knowledge and skills.


Addressing special education needs for slow learners

Learning difficulties like Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Attention Deficit Disorder, and the likes, are more common than we know. At Vidsan Charterhouse, we mentor young minds and make it our prime responsibility to help each child alike in overcoming hurdles that may come in the path of future glories. Thus, the Special Education Department at VCH is entrusted with the responsibility of supporting the slow learners and bringing them into the mainstream of education.


We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, a top-ranking school in Delhi NCR, have always kept the holistic development of our fledgelings on the top of our priorities. To that end, we leave no stone unturned in providing necessary backing and support to our young learners. All our educational programmes are conducted under the watchful supervision and advice of expert academicians, child development experts, and career advisors. Owing to our this, our network of alumni and their remarkable feats in their respective ventures, scholastic and non-scholastic, continue to make us proud.

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