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Our beautiful structure comprises academic and administrative building and sports ground that makes Vidsan Charterhouse a serene learning space with a spectacular residential infrastructure. The academic building is the heart of VCH, which is strategically located between our administration and dining blocks, allowing for easy and effective movement during the school days.

With spacious and well-ventilated classrooms, our Academic Block provides our pupils and teachers with adequate space that promote self-motivated learning in a relaxed environment. Through smart board solutions from Educomp, we make our classroom teachings effective, engaging and interactive through audio and visual presentations.

Our infrastructure comprises specialist studios for performing and visual arts, a media centre or digital library, and a centre for recreational activities that include Robotics and Aeromodelling. We have a fully equipped laboratory for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, ICT and Languages that meet stringent standards of safety, technology and paraphernalia.  The laboratories, along with our library and other specialist rooms, are clustered around our central atrium, which serves as an assembly and general meeting point. 

With an in-house equitation facility, separate courts for lawn tennis, volleyball & basketball, and a separate field for football and cricket, we continue to expand our infrastructure as an on-going development plan and continue to sustain an interdisciplinary learning ecosystem that harbours experiences for life.


Our classrooms are the centre for innovation where we sustain a learning environment that identifies talent, enhances individual interests and motivates them to surpass academic frontiers and their set goals. Our educators create a physical, psychological and instructional atmosphere that enables them to derive maximum outcomes through effective instructions, personalised attention and differentiated teaching methodologies.

Through the perfect balance between modern technology and unconventional teaching methods, we promote an engaging and interactive environment that facilitates creative thinking, problem-solving attributes and self-motivated learning.

The physical layout and structuring of a classroom can significantly affect the behaviour of all occupants; hence, our teachers structure the design and arrangement of their classes to support positive and collaborative learning, encourage teamwork and promote constructive discussions.

Through the perfect balance between modern technology and unconventional teaching methods, we promote an engaging and interactive environment that facilitates creative thinking, problem-solving attributes and self-motivated learning.

The physical layout and structuring of a classroom can significantly affect the behaviour of all occupants; hence, our teachers structure the design and arrangement of their classes to support positive and collaborative learning, encourage teamwork and promote constructive discussions.


We have a spacious and well-ventilated Physics Lab that is equipped with world-class apparatus that allows pupils to exercise the most integral part of Sciences – Research. In our state-of-the-art Physics lab, our pupils inquire, perform procedures, collect and analyse data and respond to curiosity. Our pupils explore concepts, apply their knowledge and perform experiments mainly in the areas of mechanics, wave mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and thermodynamics. These practical sessions in laboratories are supervised and guided and intended to be interactive where pupils are engaged in constructive discussions and perform collaborative tasks with a problem-solving attitude.


A Biology laboratory is a place of wonders and inquiry where life in its many forms can be discussed explained and examined. Pupils perform experiments and conduct research that creates curiosity and analytic thought in them – attributes that help them evolve as independent, confident and self-motivated learners.

The purpose and role of laboratory work are indispensable – it effectively integrates the conceptual learning with theoretical sciences. The primary objectives of our biology labs are to encourage creative thinking skills, strengthen theoretical knowledge, increase knowledge retention through the application as opposed to assimilation and fostering curiosity-driven research. Additionally, pupils perform experiments and acquire proficiency in using tools and equipment as per standard operating and safety procedures.


A Chemistry lab is a workplace to conduct chemical experiments and scientific research that facilitates a learning environment that helps students remember concepts and apply their skills in controlled conditions to other, often unfamiliar, scientific problems. Pupils use specialised equipment to gather, analyse and synthesise data and develop an interest in experimental research. Such observations develop critical thinking skills and enhance reasoning power that encourages learners to garner in-depth knowledge and insights.

The core objectives of experiments and the Chemistry lab are:

1.) To furnish an experimental foundation for the theoretical concepts introduced in classes, allowing pupils to verify scientific
2.) To familiarise students with experimental apparatus, scientific methods, and methods of data analysis, so they furnish
concepts of the inductive process through which the ideas are originated.
3.) To inculcate observations skills and drawing a conclusion from such data.
4.) To introduce methods used for estimating and dealing with experimental uncertainty and error, which is essential in
understanding valid conclusions that can be deduced from experimental data and the conditions that affect their validity.
5.) To write technical reports that communicate scientific information in a clear and concise manner.


We believe that acquiring exceptional knowledge of mathematics should not be confined to the conventional teaching methods that entail the transfer of information from a teacher’s mind to a pupil’s notebooks – it requires a conducive learning ambience that we maintain in our Mathematics lab.

Mathematics Lab acts as a concomitant between teacher and the learner and provides an opportunity to understand and discover the complexity, importance and relevance of the discipline in real life. It enhances the pupil’s interpretation and knowledge of the subject, widens the experiential base and lays the groundwork for learning of new concepts, theories, structures and areas that help make appropriate connections between the known and unknown in mathematics. Our mathematics Laboratory develops meta-cognitive abilities that facilitate a pupil’s ability to rethink and rework problems and seek a solution independently without any interference from time constraints. It builds an inherent interest in the subject, makes the pupils confident and encourages them to expand the breadth of their knowledge.

We have a fully equipped Mathematics Laboratory with a variety of manipulatives that are appropriate and accessible to all age groups from kindergarten to senior secondary. It comprises a range of hardware and software like Graphical Display Calculators (GDC), MatLab, Autograph, Geogebra, Desmos and more – through them, our young scholars explore different Mathematical concepts, analyse data and relate theory to life.


Our language lab is equipped with audio and visual equipment to aid the learning of a foreign language that provides an environment for individual and collaborative learning of different languages. The language lab is specially equipped with EL software specifically to support the English Language Support division of the school.

Not only does the Language Lab support the in-class learning of a language, but it also makes our learners independent by enabling them to research and reinforce through putting what is learned in the classroom into practice through interactive activities. Access to the Language is made flexible, while monitored to ensure that this resource is used to the best of its capacity.

Our language experts use methodologies that use a progressive model and promote natural learning where students can intuitively learn different concepts of language. Hence, the Language lab allows the students to use diverse materials and resources in a real context with the help of texts, images, audios and visuals integrated into the traditional methods of language learning and teaching. The Language Lab is furnished with iPads to enable mobility and a kinesthetic environment and with desktops for when students would like to conduct independent research.


Our library is an indispensable component of our school’s teaching and learning environment and tremendous impacts the personal and academic development of our pupils. It incorporates a Media Centre that is a fully equipped digital library with computerised cataloguing system that enhances search from an exhaustive collection of books, reference materials, subscriptions and other digital resources that facilitate evidence-based learning practices.

Preloaded with more than 2000 books on various disciplines that include Modern Languages, Literature, Sciences, Humanities, Arts and Sports, we enable pupils to transition to an independent process of learning that can significantly improve their outcomes. Apart from academic resources, our readers relish the joys of reading from a plethora of fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and biographies, and engage in various reading clubs and programmes.

Our librarian assists pupils and teachers in creating greater awareness, understanding and confidence as learners and researchers. Through our library ambience, we encourage our pupils to indulge in sessions of independent reading, reflecting and redefining ideas and concepts.


In our efforts to surpass the digital equity of Vidsan Charterhouse, we have defined an Aero-modelling Laboratory that promotes applied learning, which provides our scholars with hands-on experience on beginner to advanced level Aero-models.

Our educational framework amplifies the STREAM based learning that facilitates skills including critical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem solving, and enables collaboration and innovation enhancing essential technology acumen. Through phased learning, our pupils start from the Chuck Gliders to understand the basics of the aerofoil shape and designing, progressing to developing models using modern components and eventually controlling and flying RC controlled aircrafts such as the Wing Tiger and Sky Surfer.

Through this laboratory, pupils consolidate their learning and concepts from multidisciplinary aspects and acquire expertise that prepares them for higher education and provides better opportunities as a professional. With access to extensive tools & accessories and research data related to experimental aerodynamics, our scholars nourish their inquisitiveness, learn to build a successful flying model and pursue their dream in aviation, aeronautical or engineering.


Our Design & Technology lab is a gateway for research and educational framework that strengthens the disciplinary knowledge of pupils, encouraging them to work in collaboration, coordination and communication. Defined as a DIY space for our inquisitive young minds, we aim to develop designers, developers and engineers that have knowledge and expertise that extends and combines multiple disciplines, allowing them to develop meaningful product concepts and prototypes with effective teamwork.

Pupils of all age engage in various STREAM programmes that introduce them to modern technological platforms and enhance their proficiency in areas that include:
• Robotics
• 3D printing
• Game development
• App development
• Aero-modelling
• Photography
• Animation graphics
• Laser cutting
• Designing et al


Our venue to showcase a refined flair or discover latent talent is an integral part of the holistic learning and living experience of the Vidsan Life. Our unmatched auditorium with extensive seating arrangement comfortably seats 367 people and comprises advanced equipment and facilities, and boasts one of the most innovative stage designs with captivating acoustics & dramatic lighting rigs in the nation.

Pupils are given the opportunity and platform to exhaust their artistic forces and form a human expression through different areas of performing arts and debating.

Additionally, our auditorium runs screenings on movie night and becomes the venue for our conventions, workshops and special events.

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