Co-curricular Activities

At Vidsan Charterhouse, we have based the co-curricular programme on the fundamental principle that an individual flourishes and thrives in an environment that is enriching and recognises their talents and abilities.
Our students undergo a stimulating co-curricular program throughout the year that nurtures personal interests and passions and give pupils the opportunity to involve themselves in a broad range of activities that significantly develops their character, enhances their learning process and improves social & intellectual skills.

Our curriculum framework is designed to maintain a balance between scholastic and non-scholastic activities – this makes our pedagogy all-inclusive, engaging and enjoyable.

Pupils discover, and pursue two main co-curricular selections and perfect their skills – this drives them to participate in activities, which sharpens their communication skills, develops their leadership & managerial skills and gives them a sense of belonging.


We are affiliated with Trinity College London and Rock School, which is an immeasurable benefit to our young artists that find passion in music. By integrating and promoting Indian Classical and Western music, we enhance the equity of our tuition by creating a dynamic, high-spirited, welcoming and positive environment where young artists find guidance and support to become
a successful and thriving musician.


This component of visual art facilitates independent creativity, bold ambitions and passion-driven judgments. Our educators share their practice and passions and expose pupils to an extensive array of topics, themes and styles that include representational, realistic, stylised, impressionist and abstract that covers different historical periods, contemporary art by living artists, conceptual fine arts, traditional art and artefacts.


Makers’ Space is an interdisciplinary programme designed to develop in the young generation a temper for science, problem-solving, innovation and sustainability by scaffolding learning experiences that provide opportunities to practice and nurture 21st-century skills.

To achieve this mission, we engage pupils of all ages in various STEM/STEAM programs that introduce students to different courses and technological platforms that include Robotics, 3D printing, game development, app development, aeromodelling, photography, animation graphics et al. This unique program facilitates problem-solving and project-based learning through creative thinking, designing models and application of knowledge.

While our younger pupils learn about sensors and constructing devices to carry out simple tasks, our advanced learner prepare for the future by developing codes for set purposes and measure their success from responding to robots.


Associated with the Trinity College London, theatre at Vidsan Charterhouse becomes a gateway for self-expression that includes acting, dancing and singing; it builds personal confidence and overall personality. It enriches one’s horizon of community when they develop new relationships with peers that share similar passions and have a positive influence on each other.


At VCH, dance is taught as a mode of recreation and enjoyment or as a route to physical fitness, poise and flexibility.
We promote and collaborate with a range of professional dancers from various regional and international forms of dance.
Our Indian classical dance forms include Bharatnatyam and Kathak, and the Western forms, include Contemporary, Classical Ballet, Hip-Hop, Zumba and Salsa.

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