We have the highest of expectations and ambitions for both pupils and teachers, and we aim to amplify and stimulate our pupils well beyond the requirements of the syllabus. The university and college destinations of our graduates exhibit both their abilities and the quality of the education we provide. At the core of our vision, we are concerned with developing young people of integrity that display skill-sets addressing the fundamental forces likely to shape the world in times ahead. Hence, our panel of expert academicians, child development and career advisors have designed a broad, rigorous and holistic curriculum that helps students navigate through life with ambition, direction and determination.

As an institution, we aim to encourage independent enquiry as well as intellectual curiosity and our curriculum pursues to match that. Through our well-structured and balanced curriculum we develop involved, pioneering, open and independent-minded pupils who exhibit a deep understanding of their chosen subject disciplines. Within the framework of our school’s curriculum, we instil elements of learning that promote the holistic development of our pupils. Our curriculum comprises age-appropriately placed programmes that are strategically linked for a seamless transition from the primary to secondary and senior classes.

Recognising the benefits of competitiveness, goal-setting attributes and physical well-being, we enable students to select and pursue sporting and co-curricular activities and facilitate focused training for the acquisition of skills and abilities and comprehensive development. Through clubs and houses, and a range of sporting activities, we complement our curriculum and promote creativity, originality and ingenuity making our pupils innovative performers, independent thinkers and confident leaders. By the time they complete their studies, we are assured that they would have been stretched and challenged to become independent, inquiring and engaged life-long learners who have a broad range of academic, sports and co-curricular interests.

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