English Language Support - ELS

At Vidsan Charterhouse, we believe in facilitating learning at different ages and levels within diversity through a robust division – this department supports and strengthens the process of acquiring knowledge and skills.

The English Language Support department provides multi-faceted teaching in the form of ESL (English as a Second Language) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) that brings English immersion into classrooms from primary to the senior school.

We enrol bilingual or bicultural pupils that require special language attention in the ESL and EFL classes.

Language acquisition and academic language are the main elements of these sessions. They strategically occur in a staged manner – different stages involve identifying language competency, promoting skill-based learning and improving communicative skills that conform to the structured academic syllabus.

Stage 1 – Silent/Receptive: This stage focuses on building basic language skills by creating phonetic awareness and functional language vocabulary.

This is typically done by displaying visuals and realia and building a student-teacher relationship where learners feel comfortable sharing their challenges and experiences.

Stage 2 – Early Production and Speech Emergence: In this stage, the trainer personalises the sessions by introducing items of cultural and personal relevance with the help of authentic materials.

Additionally, the trainers work in collaboration with the mainstream subject teachers and support interdisciplinary teaching that caters to the learners’ challenges of acquiring subject knowledge in the second language.

Stage 3 – Intermediate Fluency: Learners are encouraged to overcome language-related difficulties independently by identifying challenges, conducting research and becoming engaged, culturally aware, self-motivated and confident learners.

Gradually during Stage 3, teachers and trainers support the transition of learners completely into their mainstream classes.

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