Summer Programmes

We believe that teaching is innately spontaneous, instinctive and student-centric when it occurs beyond the confines of a classroom or boundaries of a school.

To provide our young scholars with an out-of-school experience and opportunity to absorb, complement and fortify their acquired knowledge, we encourage them to enrol in immersive and holistic summer programmes.

These programmes are offered and selected, keeping in mind a child’s interest, inclination, aptitude and preference of a prospective career. These summer programmes occur in universities and colleges that offer a world of experiences and wealth of knowledge in a supervised and supportive environment.

Along with fluency, proficiency and competence in a second language, these culture immersion programmes enable pupils to hone their presentation, public speaking & communication skills.

Summer programmes offered are typically activity or discipline-based and account for one of the many skills such as photography, film-making, fine arts, nature and original charm, wildlife, Science, personal development, sports and many more.

Pupils leverage from a structured framework and benefit in the following way:

  • Expanded the breadth of knowledge
  • Ability to sustain and perform independently with minimal support
  • Pursue disciplines with a global perspective and outlook
  • Garner a better understanding of global issues and cultural contrasts
  • Ability to create inter-cultural communication
  • Enhance learning networks globally
  • Understanding to work collaboratively, cooperatively and competitively
  • Capacity to perform confidently in new or unfamiliar situations

Our range of Summer Programme destinations include:

  • Harvard Summer School
  • Yale Summer Session
  • Oxford Royale Academy – International Cultural & Academic Courses
  • Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance
  • New York Film Academy
  • Bede’s Summer School
  • Royal Central School of Speech & Drama – University of London
  • Academy of Model Aeronautics
  • Oxbridge Academic Programs
  • UCLA Summer Sessions
  • National Geographic – Student Expeditions

These programmes are inherently interdisciplinary in nature and are designed to foster community engagement, improve critical thinking & problem-solving skills and develop a sense of belonging.

Children gain a greater knowledge of social understanding and break community barriers through extensive exposure to new places and cultures, thereby enabling them to become more relevant, connected and tolerant in global scenarios.

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