Admissions Policy

Vidsan Charterhouse welcomes students from diverse communities, cultures, and nationalities to access and benefit from its enriching academic and residential life. We sincerely appreciate your keenness and decision to bless your child/children with The Vidsan Life. To ensure an equal opportunity to all the aspiring parents like you, we grant admission to students in our global learning ecosystem on the fulfilment of the terms and procedures detailed herein. We humbly request that you acquaint yourself with it before applying. 

  1. Vidsan Charterhouse being a private and an independent school does not come under the ambit of any statutory condition set forth for granting admissions. We admit students based on the fulfilment of the terms and procedures mentioned herein and in accordance with our assessment system supervised by the members of our Admissions Committee. The final decision to admit a student, however, lies jointly with the respective Principals and the Director of Academics.
  1. Admissions are subject to availability of seats, and the school management reserves the right to communicate it as and when they deem fit.
  1. Our new academic year begins in the first week of April every year and ends in the last week of March of the succeeding year.
  1. Entry classes for day boarding are Nursery, KG 1, KG 2, and Grade 1. Prospective parents can apply for admissions from the first week of January until the last week of February.
  1. Entry classes for full-time boarding are Grades 4 and 5. Prospective parents can apply for admissions from November until the last week of February.
  1. Should there be a midterm availability of seats in Grade-1 until Grade-8, we will accept new applications after processing the ones on the waitlist.
  1. We do not accept applications for Grades 10 and 12. Subject to availability, the Admissions Committee may consider such applications in the rarest of rare cases on the condition that the student is migrating from the same curriculum framework or board and meets our academic standards.
  1. In coherence with our security and healthcare policies, we do not grant admission to students expelled from other schools on proven grounds of sexual harassment and misconduct, substance abuse, raging, bullying, racial discrimination, promoting fundamentalism and/or to students who at the time of applying have pre-identified learning difficulties and deficiencies specified below
  • Down syndrome
  • Permanent blindness, deafness and/or voice disorders
  • Chronic depression
  • Psychosis (Schizophrenia)
  • Chronic life-threatening ailments
  1. Parents must ensure that their child/children meet the age criteria. The eligible age for admission on the 1st of April for different grades and programmes is as follows:

Wonder Years Program®

Age Criteria Grade
2.5 - 3.5 yrsPre - Nursery
3.5 - 4.5 yrsNursery
4.5 - 5.5 yrsKindergarten

Cambridge Lower Secondary

12-13yrs G7

Cambridge Primary

6-7yrs G1
7-8yrs G2
9-10yrs G4
10-11yrs G5

Cambridge Upper Secondary

14-15yrs G9
15-16yrs G10

Specialised Diploma Programmes

16-17yrs G11
17-18yrs G12
  1. On discovering that admission granted to a student was on misleading details and/or fabricated documents provided at the time of applying, we will blacklist the student and invalidate his/her admission with immediate effect.
  1. Admission, if granted, will be subject to strict adherence to all the policies and procedures instituted and followed at Vidsan Charterhouse; any subversion or compromise will result in admission cancellation.
  1. The school management reserves the right to amend and change the present-day policies, procedures, and curriculum if considered essential for the progress and development of students.
  1. Acceptance of admission will indicate parents’ consent to all the policies and procedures followed at Vidsan Charterhouse


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