Bilateral Exchange Programmes at VCH

Bilateral Exchange Programmes At Vch

The worst thing that can happen to an eager and inquisitive child is becoming a frog in the well that doesn’t know the ocean. The well, meaning the classroom and the school, nurture the children sufficiently and offer them the comfort of familiarity; but, what it fails to do is to let the young learners develop a worldview. Children, in such a case, remain devoid of the awareness of the opportunities that lie ahead – they can explore them only if they come out of those boundaries. After all, leaning is not just textbooks and assignments, it also comprises sharpening one’s inherent skills, developing an appreciation for diversity, and preparing oneself for the road that lies ahead.

With all these ideas in mind, we, at Vidsan Charterhouse, a renowned IB Board School in Delhi NCR, introduced our bilateral student exchange programme, which aims to ensure the development of the participants through collaborative work and self-driven discovery. Besides, through our student exchange programme, we develop in our pupils an appreciation and understanding of the disciplines of science, aviation, sports, entertainment, theatre, culture, and more. And that’s not all – let’s take a look at what makes our bilateral student exchange programme unique and necessary.

Emphasis on gaining self-confidence from personal experiences

When the students are exposed to new environments, they learn to adapt themselves in different settings. This aids their transformation into more confident and self-reliant individuals. It endows the children with enough practical knowledge to deal with all kinds of scenarios in their life.

Strengthens the interpersonal and communication skills

At VCH, we have always laid emphasis on the development of communication and interpersonal skills of our pupils. But, we also believe that there is no better way to improve their interactive abilities than introducing them to a group of new people in a foreign country. It develops in them an inherent self-assurance that if they can handle themselves there, they can do it anywhere.

Develops an appreciation towards the diversities and differences

One of the most significant changes that globalisation has begun is the diversity of cultures and backgrounds in almost all professional domains. Since our children of today are going to be the global citizens of tomorrow, it is better to introduce them to this diversity at an early age. This helps to develop in them enough appreciation and respect for the diverse cultures, and they don’t have to ever face any difficulty in dealing with it.

Practical immersion leading to stronger language acquisition

At Vidsan Charterhouse, we have dedicated English Language Support programmes to help our children develop strong articulation and fluency in the language. Our bilateral exchange programmes add to such our efforts by providing the young learners with a broader scope of language acquisition through practical immersion.

Provides an insight into the global educational and professional scenario

When it comes to global education, and subsequently, the professional scenario, one can only gain a theoretical idea from the internet and the newspapers. But, nothing can negate the value of actually being in that environment and getting a firsthand sense of what the actual situation is. It helps children to gain a better idea of how far they need to improve themselves and their abilities to make their place in the global stage.

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