Brainflex ®

Vidsan Charterhouse is a centre for standardised tests and international assessments that include ACT, SAT, IELTS and TOEFL. These tests aim to compare and measure students’ scholastic achievements, potential and performance as per set international benchmarks.

Our Brainflex© programme is uniquely designed for pupils of Grade 9 onwards to prepare them to excel in international standardised assessments for university and college admissions – ACT, SAT, TOEFL & IELTS.

We provide pupils with a personalised study and practice plan and enable them to work in a goal driven and result-oriented manner.

Some colleges welcome students with exceptional SAT or ACT scores and offer them financial aid or a scholarship that becomes a key highlight and a distinguishing feature on their resume.

Should pupils seek preparation for these assessments, they can enrol into the school Brainflex© programme. Through this programme, learners will:

  • prepare an effective study plan that balances with their academic curriculum
  • organise and manage study time efficiently
  • practice for abundantly for the test
  • practice study techniques
  • build a mindset for growth and success
  • discover practice and success stories

The preparation of these tests occurs in three-folds:

  1. Preparation: Pupils identify strength and weaknesses and prepare their goals and outcome.
  2. Plan: Pupils balance their schedule, prioritise task and develop a reasonable study plan guided by teachers as per individual requirements.
  3. Perform: Pupils register and take a suitably chosen assessment that facilitates placement into an appropriate programme into a college or university.

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