Can Modern Technology Replace the Role of a Teacher?

The relentless progression of technology has brought several remarkable changes in our lives over the past couple of years. The landline phones have long been replaced by the latest smartphones, our TVs and homes have become smarter, and our vehicles are being run by electricity. Naturally, this technological advancement has ensured some major alterations in the classrooms, as well. The smart boards have replaced the blackboards, and the PDFs and e-books have found their place beside the physical books.

But all these changes in the classrooms frequently brings up some pertinent questions: can modern tech replace the role played by a teacher? With so many resources available online nowadays, do teachers hold the same significance in the learning process? We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, one amongst the leading IB Schools in Delhi, believe that no matter how advanced we grow with the help of technology but the roles and responsibilities that the teachers carry on their shoulders can never be negated. And the below points will shed more light on why we believe so.

Technology can be a teaching aid but not the teacher

At Vidsan, we firmly believe that technology can never be the replacement of a teacher. Though there is no denying that the role of technology in the classrooms have expanded considerably in the past couple of years, it’s still just an aid for the teachers and helps them in improving the teaching-learning process. The projectors, smart boards, and PDFs surely help the educators in bringing greater clarity to the lessons, but the young ones still need the guidance of their teachers to understand varied topics.

The knowledge and direction given by a teacher can never be replaced by technology. After all, an experienced teacher will not just help you understand the lesson, but also show you the ways to instil the ideas in your mind for a lifetime.

The role of teachers extends beyond teaching the subjects

Equating the role played by teachers with that of modern technology is like implying that the sole responsibility of the teachers is to get the syllabus completed and getting the children ready for the exams.

As the renowned American historian, Henry Adams had remarked, “A teacher affects eternity; one can never tell where his influence stops.” We can proudly say that our teachers at Vidsan dedicatedly take up the responsibility of encouraging and motivating the young minds in their path to success. They are the ones shaping the value systems of our young fledgelings and helping them overcome their weaknesses while strengthening their fortes.

There can be no technology anywhere on earth that can take up these crucial roles played by a teacher.

The tireless efforts of the teachers in the face of the pandemic

The role played by our teachers, and their assiduous efforts towards educating the students, have been highlighted even more in the face of the pandemic. The teachers have adapted to the demands of the situation to make sure that the progression of the children is not affected in any manner.

Our institution has been holding online classes for months now, and this would never have been possible without the hard work of our teachers. The dedicated teaching team of Vidsan has diligently held the online classes, kept track of the students’ progress, interacted with the parents as necessary, and never lost their momentum. Their praiseworthy work has ensured the continued development of our children.

At Vidsan Charterhouse, the Top Ranking School in Delhi NCR, we believe the difference that a teacher can make in the life of a student is the thing that no technology in the world can replace. The indelible mark left in the young minds makes the “guru” deserve the highest form of respect in the life of a pupil. And, as we celebrate the Teachers’ Day every year to commemorate our wonderful teachers, we are also reminded of the fact that a teacher is someone to be remembered, admired, and venerated for a lifetime.

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