Core Values

Our core values are entwined into the school’s scholastic and non-scholastic framework; this empowers pupils with a value-driven education and develops all aspects of their intellect. These values that we inculcate in the daily teachings of our pupils reflect in their decision and helps build cohesion within the community of our school.


We encourage pupils to identify individual aptitude and inspire them to exceed their expectations of excellence. Through personal goals of improvement and target-oriented learning, our pupils produce work that exhibits quality, commitment, self-reflection and success.


Our curriculum uniquely integrates active learning that includes the application of knowledge through stimulating the young learners’ mind and engaging them at a deeper level. We encourage our pupils to implement and incorporate concepts and ideas with innovative thinking that reflect originality, ingenuity and vision.


Integrity is a paramount component of our values that exist in two-folds – social harmony & action. We promote positive principles of a child’s growth and inculcate values of respect, honesty, self-awareness and social justice.


Vidsan Charterhouse celebrates community and diversity. We recognise the benefits of uniting individuals from different backgrounds and promoting collaborative work that contributes actively to our local and global community. Through a strong presence and relevance in the school’s curriculum, we probe our pupils to think about global issues, form opinion, engage in organising thoughts and share perspectives.


Commitment, trust and compliance are the components that contribute to the values of loyalty in our community members. By creating and sustaining a culture of allegiance, we encourage staff and pupils to maintain an active relationship, develop peer support group and conduct powerful conversations that indicate dependability and reliability.

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