Developing the Hallmarks of Sportsmanship & Teamwork among Young Buds

Developing the Hallmarks of Sportsmanship

“Sports inculcate something in you that no institution, family or friendship can. A quality that eventually emanates from you, something called Sportsmanship.”

There was a time, not too long ago, when the focus of most educational institutions was centred around ensuring the academic progress of their pupils. The institutes mainly focused on the routine of classrooms, assignments, tests, and repeat. But, times have changed, and educational qualification, though extremely crucial, is not the only thing that can help an individual make the cut in his/her future life.

The modern world of education understands the need for developing skills and qualities, such as teamwork, cooperativeness, empathy, communication, and so on among the young minds. At Vidsan Charterhouse, we believe that one of the best ways to instil all these qualities in children is to introduce them early on to a systematic and disciplined structure of sports training.

Sports, at Vidsan, gets it due importance right from the primary and pre-primary grades; this continues till our fledgelings are finally ready to leave our nest into the world of opportunities. For us, varied sporting activities are all about identifying and honing the individual skills, and in the process, developing the hallmarks of sportsmanship, confidence, and teamwork. Here’s taking a closer look at how we, at Vidsan Charthouse, ensure each one of our pupils imbibes and grows up with the sportsman spirit in them.

A systematic approach towards introducing children to sports

Sports is all about being systematic and methodical. And since our children learn first and foremost by our actions, we provide our students with a proper structure when introducing them to sports. During the primary and pre-primary grades, our students are allowed to dabble with varied kinds of sporting activities. In grade 6, they choose any two sporting activities for which they receive meticulous training. This ensures that our young buds get enough time to understand their likes and strengths, and we get opportunities early to start instilling the ideas of collaboration and self-confidence among them.

Focus on ensuring holistic development of skills through sports

Sports at our institution is not only about physical fitness and agility or the number of medals that one can bring. It is something that blends perfectly well with our aim of bringing about a holistic development in each child. It is about instilling the qualities of perseverance, having the confidence to participate, and keeping the faith in self and one’s team.

Access to world-class sporting facilities and equipment

When it comes to securing the future of our young geniuses and looking at their continued development, we believe in no shortcuts and no compromises. We provide premium gears and equipment, state-of-the-art facilities, and qualified international coaches to train our students in different sporting activities and have collaborated with the most renowned names in sports training, like Prakash Padukone Badminton Schools, La Liga Football Schools, and NBA Basketball School.

At Vidsan Charterhouse, recognised as the best boarding school in Delhi NCR, sports is not something we engage our kids in with the sole aim of making them star sportsmen of tomorrow. It is something that we train them in to prepare them for a better future with a more resilient mind and with vital qualities like sportsmanship, teamwork, collaboration, and honesty.

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