Education That Ignites Curiosity is the One That Nurtures the Young Intellects the Most

Education That Ignites Curiosity is the One That Nurtures the Young Intellects the Most

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

-Albert Einstein

Inquisitiveness is one thing that is in the very nature of children. Right from the first time they asked you something as simple as “how does the butterfly gets its colour?” to the time they start learning about arthropods in the biology class, our little ones are curious to their core. We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, believe that it is this curiosity of our young budding geniuses which serves as the most important element in maintaining their active interest in learning. At VCH, we believe that if education is only measured by the scores that students obtain in the tests, the number of worksheets they complete in a day, or the hours they spend in each task, then we end up promoting nothing more than rote learning.

When the young intellects enter the schooling phase, they come bustling with questions. We cannot just send them back with a ton of assignments, homework, and a mind full of unanswered questions. The primary purpose of education is to instil and nurture in them the passion for learning and exploring, and that can never be accomplished without igniting the curiosity in young minds. With all that being said, let’s explore further in this article today the role of inquisitiveness in education.

The aim is to inspire the young ones to seek answers

The greatest discoveries of all times were made by the most curious minds who kept seeking answers to their questions. The aim of education impartation should be hence not just to inspire the young ones to question more, but to also make them be intrigued enough to seek answers. After all, there’s so much to learn about every other topic, and books do not mark the boundary of learning for a probing mind.

To make learning an interesting and exciting process

Education that falls into the cycle of classrooms, lectures, assignments, and tests, ends up becoming too insipid for the brilliant minds bursting with energy. When our aim is to keep it exciting and interesting, we need to make sure that it gets the children curious. We don’t want our children to stop at, “…because the book says so.” We rather want to make them fascinated enough with the subject so that they can excitedly say, “yes, the book said so, but what’s more to it?”

To create self-motivated learners

We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, one amongst the leading international board schools in Delhi, firmly believe that if the zeal to learn does not come from within, all the efforts that we, as an educational institution, put into it, will all go in vain. We believe that the biggest mistake that is often made is to not understand the underlying problem, i.e. their education is not getting them curious enough. And, that is exactly what we, at VCH, are striving to change to make our pupils self-motivated learners for life.

To prepare the brain for imbibing more knowledge

According to Dr Matthias Gruber from the School of Psychology at the Cardiff University, when education ignites curiosity, it enables the brain to retain more information. According to him, curiosity makes the brain become like a vortex that takes in anything that one is interested in learning and all the things related to it.

We, at Vidsan Charthouse, ranked amongst the Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR, have always considered curiosity to be one of the cornerstones of development and growth of the young fledgelings. As such, it is our responsibility to assure the children that all their questions are welcome, and our mentors are always there to help them find the answers. After all, if we are able to keep that wick of curiosity standing upright, the candle of learning will always burn bright.

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