Encouraging Healthy Competition among Students Helps Them Perform Well

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When it comes to kids, the word ‘competition’ has always had a bad reputation. The general idea is that competition breeds nothing but pressure and stress in kids, and it ultimately leads to disappointment and insecurities when one does not emerge as the winner. And, we are sure you would certainly want to keep your kids as far away from any disappointment and sadness as possible, right? We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, have a different opinion here and believe that exposing children to at least some level of competition is necessary for their growth.

The problem here is that people often end up equating competition with things like rat race, vicious cycle, and what not, whereas if the competition is healthy, it can be immensely good for a young mind. In fact, children need a healthy dose of competition in their lives in order to perform well, in both their studies and extra-curricular activities. On that note, let’s delve further today into why we believe encouraging healthy competition among students is necessary for improving their performance.

Children get to learn more about themselves

The most important thing about healthy competition is that it helps children to look within themselves and assess their strengths and weaknesses. They get to understand their fortes and address their flaws and work on both of these, which end up getting reflected in the performance that they deliver.

The values that are imbibed through competition

There are important qualities like leadership, honesty, and grit, which are imbibed the best through competition. We can repeatedly tell our children how ‘honesty is the best policy’ and how ‘a true leader makes his own way,’ but, till they face the situations themselves, the value of none of these phrases would be truly understood by them.

Competition helps develop problem-solving abilities in children

Students develop problem-solving abilities naturally when they are faced with competition. Be it academics or extra-curricular activities, hurdles are bound to come up in the path, and figuring out the ways to overcome those hurdles can leave a life lesson like no other.

Paves the path to creating self-motivated individuals for life

At VCH, positioned amongst the Top 5 IB Schools in Delhi NCR, we believe healthy competition is all about enabling the children to grow into self-motivated individuals, who do not need to be constantly pushed to become the best possible version of themselves. After all, no amount of external pep talk or inspiration can trump the inherent dedication of a self-learner.

Builds greater resilience against stress and pressure

We understand that even healthy competition has some amount of stress involved in it, but that much pressure is necessary for the growth of children. At the end of the day, children will learn to handle pressure in different situations only when they have some exposure to it. How can you expect to raise resilient individuals in a completely sheltered environment? Isn’t it!

A great motivator for teamwork and collaboration

Competition in schools is almost always seen as something that prevents collaboration, which is so not the case. We, Vidsan, have so many interschool events whereby children are required to compete as teams. And, we have witnessed how such events play an important role in fostering teamwork and collaboration among children, and also act as a motivating factor for each member to put his/her best foot forward.

Owing to the reasons mentioned above, we, at Vidsan Charterhouse, firmly believe that competition is indeed necessary for children, provided any element of animosity or negativity is kept away from it. And the key to ensuring the same is through providing them with a positive environment. When done right, it can help the young minds to learn the lessons that stay with them for a lifetime. It helps to build up in them the mental agility and strength that guides them in every situation throughout life. When the approach is such that it helps children understand that their biggest competition is with their own fears and doubts, the results are bound to come in the form of bigger victories, and these tender buds then grow into well-rounded individuals with an indomitable spirit.

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