English Immersion Program at VCH: Preparing Children for a Better Today and a Brighter Tomorrow

Preparing Children For A Better Today And A Brighter Tomorrow

Every child is unique not only in their abilities and pace of learning but also in the backgrounds that they come from, and the language that they speak at home forms an essential part of that background. When it comes to language learning, we understand that it can be difficult for children to learn the one that is not spoken commonly at home, such as English. However, we cannot ignore the fact that English is a language that is globally recognised and spoken in significant parts of the world. Hence, acquiring fluency in it is not something that we can let our children do without. This is the main reason behind the English Language Support (ELS) programme at Vidsan Charterhouse.

We, at VCH, a renowned IB Board School in Delhi NCR, have an immersion-based approach towards teaching the English language, in which faster language acquisition and better articulation are ensured right from primary to senior school; though, that is not where the benefits of our English language immersion programme end. So, let’s delve deeper into the reasons why we consider the program to be an absolute necessity for young learners.

Holistically developing the language skills

We believe that one of the most noteworthy features of our language development programme is that it aims to achieve comprehensive and all-inclusive progress of the learner. We work on both written skills as well as spoken English of the student. The programme helps to ensure that our pupils are as good at expressing themselves in English as they are at comprehending it when they hear it from others, irrespective of the accent.

Identifying and rectifying the fundamental problems

A common problem new learners encounter is being unaware of the skills they lack. Until the young ones understand where their drawbacks are, they can never fully invest their energies in rectifying them, and that is precisely what our educators attempt to inform them about.

Helping children to self-identify the challenges

Self-identification of the challenges stem from having an understanding of the core problems. Once we help our students identify the areas that they need to work harder on, they can set their own goals to overcome those hurdles. Our expert language teachers always stand firm by their side to aid the learners to reach out to their goals.

Developing their confidence in the language

We, at Vidsan, have noticed that one of the underlying issues with learning English is the hesitancy in speaking the language even when they have a certain level of understanding about it. The lack of confidence stems from the fear of uttering the words wrong. It is this fear that the programme aims to do away with.

Offering personalised attention to each learner

As we mentioned earlier, we understand that it can be difficult for some children to take up and learn a new language from the basics, especially when it is not their native language. On the other hand, some children do speak English at home, but only need some sharpening of the language skills to lead them to perfection. The needs of both these groups of children are different. Hence, we devise the differentiated approach to address the unique problems of each learner.

The English Language Support Department at Vidsan Charterhouse has been established to offer the young fledgelings with multidimensional support in learning the English language. The programmes offered are ESL (English as a Second Language) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language); they enable students to attain fluency in English, which is indeed essential to aid their transformation into global citizens of tomorrow. Thorough knowledge in the English language not only helps them improve academically but also makes them more confident. With such strong English skills, we are certain that our pupils will successfully thrive wherever they go in the future.

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