The picturesque campus of Vidsan Charterhouse is a modern, magnificent and serene knowledge space with state-of-the-art academic and sports facility that sprawls over 20 acres of lush green area. Built with an integrated intelligent design that ensures proper ventilation, open spaces and natural light, we maintain a conducive learning environment that elicits creativity and promotes self-motivated learning.



A Co-education Boutique Boarding School

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International School In Delhi Ncr

Our Classrooms

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Our Classrooms

Our stunning campus structure is a modern, magnificent and serene knowledge space that sprawls over 20 acres of the lush green area strategically designed to elicit creativity within a state-of-the-art facility and promote self-motivated learning.

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International School In Delhi Ncr

Our Classrooms

Our stunning campus structure is a modern, magnificent and serene knowledge space that sprawls over 20 acres of the lush green area strategically designed to elicit creativity within a state-of-the-art facility and promote self-motivated learning.

Built with an integrated intelligent design that ensures proper ventilation and natural light, our school’s facility comprises the following:

Academic Facilities

Physics Lab

Our Physics Lab that equips world-class apparatus that allows pupils to exercise the most integral part of Sciences – Research. Pupils are encouraged to inquire, perform procedures, collect and analyse data and respond to curiosity.

Our pupils explore concepts, apply their knowledge and perform experiments mainly in the areas of mechanics, wave mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and thermodynamics.

These practical sessions in laboratories are supervised and guided by the teachers and are intended to be interactive where pupils engage in constructive discussions.

Classroom Study

Our Classrooms

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Sports & Co-curricular 

Outreach & Exposure

Bio Lab

Biology Lab

Our Biology laboratory is a place of wonders and inquiry where life in its many forms can be discussed explained and examined. Pupils perform experiments and conduct research that creates curiosity and analytic thought in them – attributes that help them evolve as independent, confident and self-motivated learners.

Additionally, pupils perform experiments and acquire proficiency in using tools and equipment as per standard operating and safety procedures.


Chemistry Lab

Our Chemistry lab is a workplace to conduct chemical experiments in controlled and contained conditions.

Pupils use specialised equipment to gather, analyse and synthesise data and develop an interest in experimental research.

Math Lab

Mathematics Lab

Our Mathematics Lab provides an opportunity for learners to understand and discover the complexity, importance and relevance of the discipline in real life.

It enhances the pupil’s interpretation and knowledge of the subject, widens the experiential base and lays the groundwork for the learning of new concepts, theories, structures and areas that help make appropriate connections between the known and unknown in mathematics.

Our Mathematics Laboratory equips a variety of manipulatives that are appropriate and accessible to all age groups from primary to senior secondary. It comprises a range of hardware and software like Graphical Display Calculators (GDC), MatLab, Autograph, Geogebra, Desmos and more – through them, our young scholars explore different Mathematical concepts, analyse data and relate theory to life.


Language Lab

Our language lab facilitates audio and visual equipment that aids the learning of a foreign language and provides an environment for individual and collaborative learning of different languages. These labs are equipped with EL software specifically to support the English Language Support division of the school.

Not only does the Language Lab support the in-class learning of a language, but it also makes our learners independent by enabling them to research and reinforce concepts by applying them into practice through interactive activities.

The Language Lab is furnished with iPads to enable mobility and a kinesthetic environment and with desktops for when students would like to conduct independent research. It allows the students to use diverse materials and resources in a real context with the help of texts, images, audios and visuals integrated into the traditional methods of language learning and teaching.

Curriculum Sp


Our library is an indispensable component of our school’s teaching and learning environment and tremendously impacts the personal and academic development of our pupils.

It incorporates a Media Centre that is a fully equipped digital library with computerised cataloguing system that enhances search from an exhaustive collection of books, reference materials, subscriptions and other digital resources that facilitate evidence-based learning practices.

Preloaded with more than 60,000 books and subscriptions on various disciplines that include Modern Languages, Literature, Sciences, Humanities, Arts and Sports, we enable pupils to transition to an independent process of learning that can significantly improve their outcomes.

Apart from academic resources, our readers relish the joys of reading from a plethora of fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and biographies, and engage in various reading clubs and programmes.

Our librarian assists pupils and teachers in creating greater awareness, understanding and confidence as learners and researchers. Through our library ambience, we encourage our pupils to indulge in sessions of independent reading, reflecting and redefining ideas and concepts.

Residential Life

Aero-Modelling Lab

In our efforts to promote applied learning and provide pupils with hands-on experience that surpasses the digital equity of Vidsan Charterhouse, we have defined an Aero-modelling Lab that equips Aero-models from beginner to advanced level.

Through phased learning, our pupils start from the Chuck Gliders to understand the basics of the aerofoil shape and designing, progressing to developing models using modern components and eventually controlling and flying RC controlled aircrafts such as the Wing Tiger and Sky Surfer.

Through this laboratory, pupils consolidate their learning and concepts from multidisciplinary aspects and acquire expertise that prepares them for higher education and provides better opportunities as a professional.

With access to extensive tools & accessories and research data related to experimental aerodynamics, our scholars nourish their inquisitiveness, learn to build a successful flying model and pursue their dream in aviation, aeronautical or engineering.

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