Through a boundary-less learning approach that exceeds the conventions of a classroom, we inspire our pupils to foster an appreciation and understanding for disciplines that include science, aviation, sports, entertainment, theatre, culture and much more. GOSPEL is a comprehensive global outreach programme that is designed to encourage collaborative work, self-driven discovery, and personal development. The GOSPEL programme occurs in locations that are carefully chosen for pupils to integrate enriching and engaging life experiences in their learning curve thereby aiding them to make prudent career progression decisions, explore and critically evaluate available opportunities and possibilities, and develop a strong global collaborative learning network.

Through this programme, we aim to achieve the following goals and outcomes:

  • Enhanced language and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to express effectively and efficiently
  • Develop a cross-cultural understanding and experience
  • An enriched experience that develops the personality
  • Ability to perform and tackle new situations
  • Cultivate attributes of confidence, independence, problem-solving and creative thinking
  • Build a strong academic and professional network that benefit during the socioeconomic scenarios

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