Medical Facility

Our medical professionals work closely with the academic staff and collaborate with the pastoral care unit to discuss the related medical background of students that require monitoring.

They aid early detection of any deviation from a child’s health that may affect their academic or non-academic performance.

Staff and pupils undergo regular health check-ups and are provided with necessary health education and essential information on relevant topics.

Our medical team assures active involvement in sports and any other school activity within the school to extend immediate assistance in case of an emergency.     

Our medical facility comprises the following:

  • Immediate primary first aid care and treatment for minor cuts, scratches, bruises and injury
  • Dedicated resident nurse available on site 24/7
  • Doctor visitation during school hours and on-call 24/7
  • Six bedded facility with in-house dispensary
  • Accessibility to medical kit in school buses and cabs
  • Tie ups with the top most hospitals in the city
  • Transport for medical service on standby at all times.

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