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In certain ways, learning is a lot like taking driving lessons. You can learn all the rules of the road, study all about the gears and engines, and even answer every question about the car. And then, you get behind the steering wheel, and it’s a whole new ball game. Those things that you learned from the books and the internet about driving will never be of much help unless you put your knowledge to test by getting on the road and have the guidance of an expert trainer beside you. In the same way, learning by reading cannot be completely effective until students are encouraged to actively participate in the process of learning.

Active learning, as we, at Vidsan Charterhouse, vouch for, refers to engaging students with the study material, and encouraging their participation and collaboration in class. It is not all about making students listen to the lectures and memorizing the lessons. Rather, it focuses on helping students in demonstrating a process, analyzing an argument, and applying a concept in a real-world situation. The many positive effects of active learning in children’s development have led us to include it as one of our core teaching approaches. So today, we will delve deeper to explore how powerful active learning is for our children.

Facilitates critical, independent, and innovative thinking

The assignments and tests that we set for our children are not aimed at testing their memorizing skills, but rather for augmenting their critical thinking abilities. Thus, being an active participant in the process of learning helps students apply academic solutions more effectively to real-world problems.

It is all about stimulating the learners’ minds and helping them come up with innovative ideas, and not making sure that they can repeat every word that they memorized from the books. From using case studies to explain lectures, to getting students to participate in debates, there are varied methods through which we, at Vidsan Charthouse, strive to enhance the logical reasoning skills of our young intellects.

Encourages effective collaboration among children

We have also noted that active learning increases peer-to-peer interaction and increases bonding among the children. By involving children in group projects, group discussion, and such activities, we can work on their communication skills, as well as increase their awareness of different current topics. Besides, this way, young learners also get to know the importance of teamwork and cooperation in achieving success in any field of life.

Increases children’s investment, performance, and motivation

When students are encouraged to participate actively in their learning process, they take greater responsibility for their performance. They are entrusted with the responsibility to make decisions about the way they learn, and that fosters the love for self-learning.

When students get to see the real-world context for the things they are learning, they feel more motivated towards earning that knowledge. This self-motivation and self-learning tendencies lead to a higher investment of time and effort in students, and the results of that are clearly evident in their performance.

At Vidsan Charthouse, ranked among the Best IB Schools in Delhi NCR, when we teach something to our children, we don’t aim for it to be retained in their minds only till they write it in the exams. The success of our approaches, as well as our students, can only come through when the knowledge is imbibed by them to be used whenever needed in future. Active learning techniques help us in achieving exactly that! Moreover, it helps children showcase their vision, ingenuity, and originality, which are all the crucial skills needed for the modern world. Active learning is completely in sync with our goal of offering an all-encompassed development of our pupil’s intellect, and the same is very well taken care of in our curriculum.

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