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The process of learning to read is not something that strikes you as complicated or difficult until it is the time to start teaching the kids at home. Reading, after all, is not a natural or an inherent skill in an individual. It is a complex ability that needs to be taught strategically and skillfully from a young age. Besides, learning to read goes way beyond the identification of letters and knowing the pronunciation of words, and a major part of it involves knowing the relationship between the letters and the sounds, also called phonemic awareness.

However, even though learning to read is not the simplest process, there are a few rather easy steps and strategies that you can try early on to help in consistently building these skills. Here, in this article today, we, at Vidsan Charterhouse, a well-known IB Board School in Delhi NCR, have brought forth for you some easy to follow tips that will help you to teach your child to read. So, make good use of these lockdown days, and work on improving the reading skills of your kids with the strategies shared below.

Use nursery rhymes for building phonemic awareness

Nursery rhymes are all cute and fun, but that rhythm and rhyme are supposed to help the kids to hear the syllables and sounds in words to help them learn to read. So, sing nursery rhymes with them and clap rhythmically to help with their phonemic awareness.

Make a habit of reading aloud to your children every day

When you’re reading aloud to your children, you are showing them the exact sound of words, building comprehension skills, and improving their vocabulary. Children can learn a lot from hearing the way a fluent reader reads, and it might also develop their love for reading.

Make simple word game cards at home to play

Make cards at home where each card has just one letter. Give them these cards to prepare as many words they can, with certain letter combinations. For instance, give them the four letters R, O, A, and D, and tell them to make as many words as possible.

Take help from the print-rich environment you live in

Printed words are literally everywhere you look nowadays: from the newspaper that reaches your house daily to that signboard of a shop visible from your balcony. Let children see and read these big printed words aloud to apply connections between letter symbols and sounds.

Use the power of modern technology for regular lessons

Modern technology can be your trusted aid in imparting regular reading lessons to your children. Use the wide range of apps that are available online to deliver effective reading lessons to children. Go through the ratings given and choose the right app to get started.

Introduce simple word games on a daily basis

You can have them engaged in word games even without any cards or apps. Just ask them random questions when you can, like: what word rhymes with make? What sound does ‘happiness’ end with? Don’t forget to praise their efforts when they get the answers correct.

Keep the lessons fun and exciting to keep them interested

We all know that children are not really known for having the best attention spans. Thus, to make sure that they truly take in the lessons, you will have to keep it fun and exciting. We would suggest relying more on games and playthings, rather than sitting down with them strictly for reading lessons.

The ability to read fluently is something that goes a long way in improving the comprehension ability of children. Those who read with ease are often better at academics than those who don’t know how to read properly. But we, at Vidsan Charterhouse, would like to advise you to remain patient and calm during these reading lessons with kids. It is not something that you can accomplish in a few days or even weeks. But, hold your patience and keep at it because the results are highly rewarding.

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