Imparting the Kids with a Multi-Cultural Perspective is Essential in Today’s World

Imparting the Kids with a Multi-Cultural Perspective is Essential in Today’s World
  • “Cultural differences should not separate us from each other, but rather cultural diversity brings a collective strength that can benefit all of humanity” – Robert Alan, American screenwriter and film director
  • In the ever-changing global scenario, it has become imperative to equip children with adequate exposure that not only aids in their future careers, but also makes them better citizens. After all, we live in a nation that is known for its rich cultural mosaic, social diversities, and varied ethnicities. In such a scenario, imparting the knowledge of multiculturalism to kids is a crucial part of connecting them to their roots. And it is indeed imperative for making them more prepared to become the global citizens of tomorrow.
  • At Vidsan Charterhouse, a renowned IB board school in Delhi NCR, we believe that the first steps towards developing the multicultural perspective of our young ones should be laid by us, their educators. As the mentors and guides of the next generation of nation-builders, we consider it to be of utmost importance to encourage a multicultural perception for the following reasons.
  • Understanding the world beyond their own cultures
  • When we aim to impart kids with a multicultural perspective, we help them to view the world beyond their own cultural boundaries. And this forms a crucial part in fostering the world view among our young learners.
  • Every culture has something to teach in the way of its beliefs, customs, and rituals, and the more our children learn about the different cultures, the more enriched their knowledge bank grows. And this is something that comes to their aid when they step out into the world beyond our campus.
  • Fostering tolerance and acceptance for every environment
  • As one of the most culturally diverse nations of the world, the fabric of unity of our country, India, is based on the tolerance and acceptance of the diversities. If we want our children to continue this legacy of oneness, we need to instil in them the values of multiculturalism.
  • Moreover, through these values, our children also get to imbibe the ideals of empathy, kindness, and compassion, which we believe are the essential qualities for their all-encompassed growth as individuals.
  • An effective way of teaching children about perspective-taking
  • In simple words, perspective-taking is the process of viewing a situation from another person’s point-of-view. It is an important skill to have for better understanding and analysing circumstances from an overall viewpoint.
  • At Vidsan Charterhouse, we believe that developing a multicultural perspective is one of the finest ways of helping children learn to take perspectives. It makes them more accepting of the differences in opinion and ideas that arise in any group situation due to the difference in the cultural backgrounds of the participating individuals.
  • The professional benefits of holding a multicultural perspective
  • Last but not the least in significance, we will have to throw some light on the professional benefits of having a multicultural perspective.
  • The modern offices are amongst the most diverse places in any nation, with employers and employees coming in from varied cultural backgrounds. In order to not just work but to succeed in such a diverse scenario, our children would need to know how to view the world from a multicultural perspective. And, the initiation to that perspective has to start right from a young age.
  • We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, positioned amongst the Top 10 Schools in Delhi NCR, have always taken pride in being a diverse and multicultural institution that prepares children for the world of tomorrow. Besides ensuring the diversity in our classrooms and imparting the knowledge about it through our lessons, we also have student exchange programmes in place that echo our all-inclusive values. After all, the reflection of our ideals of equality, unity, and universal acceptance in our students is something that forms an integral part of their holistic learning experience.

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