Importance of Outdoor Play for Growing Children

With technology and social media whelming the life of children from a rather young age, the innate motivation to simply go outside and play seems to be fading away with time. We have seen how a majority of children, even when given time to do whichever activity they enjoy doing, would rather sit with a smartphone than considering the option of outdoor play.

While we are certainly not negating the importance of understanding technology in this highly tech-driven world or claiming that indoor games have no role to play in a child’s development, we feel that it is important to introduce and encourage children towards outdoor play from a young age. And, again, we are not claiming outdoor play to be important solely for the physical development of the children, but rather for the multiple benefits it offers towards the physical and psychological growth of the young ones. With that being said, we, at Vidsan Charterhouse, a renowned  , would like to take you deeper today into the topic and highlight on the importance of outdoor play for growing children.

The physical exercise and its effects on growing children

There is no denying the fact that the greatest benefit of outdoor play lies in the physical growth and development of children. It not only helps children develop their fine and gross motor skills but also improves their cardiovascular endurance and keeps childhood obesity at bay. It also strengthens their muscles and bones, which is an important aspect for growing children.

The easiest way to learn more about the world they live in

We, at Vidsan, have seen that outdoor play helps children learn more about their surroundings naturally. Things like, ‘why do we slide down always?’ ‘What makes the cycle go faster?’ ‘What does the Chrysalis change into?’ and so on can surely be answered through books, but the curiosity comes to the young minds through play. And, besides, there is nothing better than experiential learning, and what else besides playing outdoors can encourage that the best!

The contribution of outdoor play to social and emotional growth

Outdoor play is all about children taking turns, sharing, interacting, and thus, developing positive behavioural skills. We believe it improves their cooperation, communication, and organisational skills, which are all crucial aspects of their growth. As our children partake in outdoor games, it helps to brings out their inventive and explorative side to the fore.

Brings about a significant improvement of the sensory skills of children

Studies have proved that children who are engaged in playing outdoors on a regular basis tend to have a better vision compared to the ones who always remain indoors. When playing outdoors, all the senses of a child are engaged in the activity. Right from the feeling of the grass beneath the feet to the smell of the flowers coming to them, everything helps to evoke their senses. While on the other hand, when glued to their smartphones, children do not bring more than the two senses of sight and hearing to use, and hence their sensory skills fail to develop to the full potential.

The surplus energy theory of play by Friedreich Schiller

The theory suggests that play lets children release their pent up energy that has been collected over time. In a way, outdoor play lets children recharge their minds by engaging in an activity that is completely different from their classroom experiences. After children let off some steam in the form of outdoor play, according to the theory, they can come back to their academic pursuits with renewed interests and energy.

We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, a, have always been extremely supportive of the significance of outdoor play in the life of young buds, who we believe, need exposure to the environment and nature to bloom into beautiful flowers. Our extensive sports facilities at VCH that cover everything from cricket, football, and basketball, to lawn tennis and badminton, bear testimony to that. After all, the physical stamina and the mental endurance that children develop through these activities during their growing years remains of prime essence in fostering their future growth and advancement.

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