Individualised Attention Received in School Lays a Strong Foundation for Future Growth of Children

Individualised Attention Received in School Lays a Strong Foundation for Future Growth of Children

Regardless of the outward appearance, a classroom is truly a complex place. After all, there are so many different mindsets, personalities, and talents that we get to witness in just one classroom. In all these years of educating the young minds, we have seen that no two kids can be absolutely alike in their behaviour and their approach towards making decisions and solving problems. Given the diversity that a classroom has, it would be hence wrong to assume that all children would be able to learn at exactly the same pace. This is where the importance of providing individualized attention to each child in school gains ground.

Personalized attention pertains to answering the learning needs of every child and thereby adjusting the pace of learning accordingly. It aims to ensure that as the class progresses, there remain no gaps in the knowledge acquired by the students because of their inability to keep up with what was being taught by their teacher. At Vidsan Charterhouse, one amongst the leading IB schools in Delhi, we believe that providing individualized attention to the young minds can prove really beneficial in laying a foundation for their future growth. Here are some of the key facets of how individualized attention at school benefits the young intellects:

Offers the opportunity for each child to showcase their brilliance

Individualized attention helps us to detect the flaws and drawbacks in the learning process and abilities of each child. When we are able to point it out and address it early on, we stand in a better position to give them the opportunity to overcome the hurdles in their path and showcase their brilliance. After all, every child has his/her unique set of skills and knacks, and all they need at times is a bit of attention to smoothen out the rough edges.

Helps in measuring individual performance of the students

It is wrong and unfair to set the same performance goals for every child, especially when their pace and ways of learning are so different from each other. Providing individual attention helps us understand their fortes and flaws and enable us to set their learning goals accordingly. As such, we get to measure how far they have come in their journey of improving themselves and how much more is left to be done.

Plays a major role in strengthening the teacher-student relationship

The importance of a strong teacher-student relationship can never be stressed enough. It helps children to open up more about their issues to their teachers. And, as the teachers try to address those issues, it makes the children feel heard and cared for. This way, a trusting relationship is developed between the two, and the effect of that is felt directly on the overall performance of children.

Makes the children better motivated to help themselves

When learners note the care and attention meted out to them, it makes them more motivated to take ownership of their development. Besides, through personalised attention, teachers also show the students how they can help themselves. Thus, they develop a learning mindset and start self-regulating their behaviour, which helps them in not just reaching their immediate goals but also paves the way for lifelong learning.

At Vidsan Charterhouse, recognised as the best boarding school in Delhi NCR, we believe that every child comes with immense potential to prosper. And being their mentors, our responsibility lies in strengthening that potential to the best of our abilities. Offering individual attention to the kids is one of the many ways through which we, at Vidsan, ensure that. We make that possible not only through giving personalised attention to every child in the classroom but also through the extra classes and courses that we have on offer for our pupils to avail. After all, we aim to see each of our students thrive in life, and if providing them with individualised attention helps pave the way, we would never compromise on that.

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