Innovative Ways to Make the Lockdown Period a Positive Learning Time for Children

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Innovative Ways to Make the Lockdown Period a Positive Learning Time for Children

With the coronavirus pandemic bringing the entire nation to a standstill, the entire daily routine of most of the people has surely gone haywire. Now, with the kids being back at home and the schools being closed, people are more at a toss about how to make sure that the young ones remain engaged in some or other fruitful work. Of course, you would want to make sure they keep up their academic work, revise the lessons, and so on, but that is not all they need to do during this time.

We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, one amongst the most prestigious IB Schools in Delhi, believe that the lockdown period can be turned into positive learning time for the kids if the right approaches are taken. Introducing them to a new hobby or teaching them a new skill can be an effective way to help them stay occupied. This way, they come out learning something exciting and gaining some new skills by the time they join back school. So here, we have brought forth a few suggestions on some of the innovative ways you can try out to make the lockdown time a positive learning experience for your little gems.

Introduce them to the joys of making DIY stuff

Engaging them into making some really cool DIY stuff can be a good way to keep them busy, without even spending a dime on it. You can give them stuff like ice-cream sticks, woollen threads, coloured papers, old CDs, glue, and other stuff that is readily available at home to help bring their creative side out.

Teach them the art of flameless cooking

How about letting them play the caring parent for a while by bringing snacks and refreshments to you while you’re working? You can teach them to make easy things like sandwiches, fruit salads, sweet corn salad, lime water, or orange juice that they can do on their own without needing much help from you.

It is time to get creative together as a family

It is all about encouraging your child to learn something new, and have some family bonding time along with it. So, you can pull some fun art and craft ideas from the internet that you can all do together as a family. Your kids will learn something from it, and you can have a fun time teaching it to them.

Create a fun activity bag to make every day a surprise

Take small pieces of paper and write out one activity on each of these papers, for instance, you can write ‘paint,’ ‘make a cake,’ or ‘make me a bracelet.’ Put all these papers in a bag and let your kids pick out a paper each day and the task written on it would be the one they need to complete by the day.

Start a fun new exercise routine with the kids

We, at Vidsan, understand that you’re worried that the kids are not getting their daily exercise as the school is closed and you can’t take them outside to play. There’s nothing to worry because you can have your own freehand exercising routine with the kids at home. It will show them that their daily exercise doesn’t ever need to stop even if they can’t go outside.

Play different kinds of board games with your kids

Board games can actually be a great learning experience for the kids as it teaches them about planning, strategizing, and focusing. Try playing games like Scrabble or Pictionary with them because that will certainly be a fun way to help them improve their vocabulary.

At Vidsan Charterhouse, we understand that keeping a positive environment and continuing to help children be their own happy self seems quite hard during these days. But, the point is to hold on tight and take one day at a time till we get through these uncertain times. The need of the hour is to strictly follow the recommendations of the government, and we will surely emerge from the coronavirus crisis very soon.

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