Individualised Attention Received in School Lays a Strong Foundation for Future Growth of Children

As our children grow up, we want them to imbibe all of our best traits and qualities to become an even better and more successful person than we are. We want them to have our patience, diligence, determination, and so on. And, we make sure to instil these crucial values in them from a young age. However, did you ever stop to think that perhaps we have as much to learn from our kids as they do from us?

There is unmatched brilliance in the simplicity of children that even with their limited knowledge of the world around them, can teach us a thing or two about life. After all, as we grow up and our world view expands, we tend to forget that the most profound lessons of life are really not that complicated to understand and embrace.

And on that note, with all the discussions we, at Vidsan Charterhouse, have had previously about what our children can acquire from us, today we will explore some of the crucial life lessons that we need to learn from them.

  1. The eagerness to try out new things

Have you ever noticed that children are not really afraid to try new things? From jumping on a trampoline to sliding down a swing, they are always up for trying anything new and exciting. Just as the fear of the unknown does not bother our children, we too need to learn to get out of our comfort zones every once in a while.

  1. Not being sad or angry for too long

We believe that one of the greatest lessons we can learn from our children is to move on from incidents and situations that hurt us. Children can be really sad about something one moment and burst about laughing the next moment. This ability to let go of anger, melancholy, and such emotions will certainly make our life more fulfilling.

  1. To have pure and unadulterated fun

If children are absolute experts at one thing, it is knowing how to have fun! Whether you leave them alone with their toys or let them play with their friends at the playground, they find their own ways to have fun. So, let us learn from them to leave our fears and worries aside for a moment only to live and cherish the best time of our life.

  1. Having an inherent sense of curiosity

Children are curious by nature, which is one of the most endearing traits they have. We are not saying that adults are not curious, but certainly that child-like curiosity tends to go away as we grow up and responsibilities and duties cloud our minds. The point is that we need to find that curious child in us at times, and go exploring new places, try new things, and take risks.

  1. To notice and find joy in the little things

Children have a knack of finding joy in even the smallest things in life. The chirping of a beautiful bird, a pretty sunset, and so on: they notice everything and it fills their heart with glee. Likewise, it’s time for us to make sure that the little moments of joy in our life do not simply pass us by as we are busy being adults.

The child in us still exists deep inside somewhere, and perhaps, it just needs the gentle nudge from our children to remind us of that. We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, a top Ranking School in Delhi NCR, believe that when we bring together the simplicity of a child and the experience of an adult in our actions and ideas, we will find the ways to overcome even the most difficult situations in life. Perhaps, all we need is a bit of change in perspective and see things from the eyes of our little ones.

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