Our Envisioned Learning Outcomes

Vidsan Charterhouse pursues academic excellence by creating and preserving a safe learning environment that motivates self-discovery, inspires independent thinking and promotes problem-solving skills. Our pupils flourish in a culturally rich system that inscribes a hallmark of decency, respect, empathy and compassion.

We maintain realistic learning outcomes by making pupils aware of their strength and areas of development and providing them with remedial measures for improvement.

Through a consistent focus and reflection on the school’s mission and vision, we align the core values of our curriculum framework and promote a student’s ability to:

  • Undertake challenges confidently.
  • Display language awareness and knowledge of disciplines.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Work independently in a self-driven manner.
  • Express courage in confronting unfamiliar situations.
  • Develop new interests and passions.
  • Contribute to the development of the community and society.
  • Showcase attributes of respect and empathy.
  • Work collaboratively and effectively.

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