Prepping Up the Young Minds for the Chances, Choices, and Challenges of Tomorrow

Prepping Up The Young Minds For The Challenges Of Tomorrow

The times have changed. The world is embracing the changes and challenges with open arms. As such, we can no longer keep relying on merely academic prowess to adjust in the arising deviations and to sustain the challenges that may arise tomorrow. It is only when the learning process is transformed into an enriching experience that the young minds can reach their unexplored potential to gear up for the future. This is exactly what we, at Vidsan Charterhouse, a leading IB board school in Delhi NCR, aim to achieve for our young scholars by providing them favourable opportunities and sincere encouragement for a persistent progression towards betterment. At VCH, we have always tried to do things differently, but effectively. On that note, here’s taking a look at some of the unique aspects of our approaches and modes of learning.

A well-thought-out bell schedule for ensuring greater productivity

Our bell schedule has been designed in such a manner that it aids in the maintenance of our operational flow. The ingenious routine helps to keep the children engaged yet energized throughout the day. The classroom activities are focused on academic development and co-curricular participation. The weekday routine also encompasses ALS, SEN, EAL revision classes with diligently placed refreshment breaks and a lunch break in between. The focus shifts to competency-based learning and inter-house activities on Saturdays. The schedule that we have established facilitates skill acquisition and promotes holistic development of the learners.

Multifaceted learning opportunities through English language support

The English language support is rendered in the form of training for ESL (English as a Second Language) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language). The bilingual or bicultural students who need special attention are enrolled in the ESL and EFL courses to ensure their smooth transition into the mainstream curricula. With these courses, we aim for language skills’ acquisition and academic language development of our students.

International assessments to prepare our pupils for tertiary education

The purpose of international assessments is to gauge the learning potential of our students and enhance their performance as per the international standards. Preparing for these assessments enable our students to perform well when it comes to their placements into appropriate programs for tertiary education. Some of the tests for which students at VCH are prepared for include ACT, SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS.

Makers’ Space: An integrated program to foster 21st-century skills

To prepare the young minds for the future, it is imperative that we give space to their inherent skills and let them grow beyond their basic academic abilities. This idea has led to the development of the Maker’s Space at VCH where due emphasis is given on honing our children’s theatrical, musical, fine arts, and other skill areas. Under the maker’s space initiative, students of all ages are enrolled in different STEM programs where they are introduced to courses like 3D printing, robotics, game development, app development, animation graphics, and more.

The approaches and methodologies adopted at Vidsan Charterhouse have borne fruits in the form of accomplishments that our students have attained in various walks of life. We take immense pride in mentioning that the academic destinations of our alumni include illustrious institutions across the globe like Harvard University, Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, Yale University, Princeton University, and many other prestigious names. With our years of experience in the education arena, we know what exactly it takes to prep up the young minds for the coming times. We are glad of the fact that we have remained successful in creating skilled, determined, enlightened frontrunners who have the capability to create a better tomorrow.

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