Residential Life

Our boarding provides an exceptional home for boys and girls between 9 – 17 years old, a life-altering experience that is friendly, comfortable and homely.

We recognise the challenges a child faces and the transition he/she goes through when embarking the journey of boarding away from home; hence, Vidsan Charterhouse strives to create and preserve an environment that is the quintessence of a family and community. This reformative experience empowers our boarders to transform the world around them in a life-long course of new encounters and adventures.

With constant care and generous support from our pastoral care team, which composes the Head of Pastoral Care, boarding staff and teachers, we teach our young children valuable life lessons and encourage them to be tolerant, appreciative and respectful to each other. They extend domestic advice and homely support to boarders to help them navigate through various phases of life confidently.

Life at our boarding is a unique and exciting journey of a young child surrounded by creative, inspired and like-minded individuals that cross the threshold of adulthood together.

Their voyage is a series of life-changing experiences that are warm, generous and welcoming in nature, and structured, disciplined and rigorous in its principles. These characteristics provide a model environment for individuals that grow into independent and self-reliant humans on the road to success.

We expose our boarders to a variety of sports, co-curricular & recreational activities to broaden their learning and develop in them an exceptional character and demeanour.

We provide our boarders with real-world experiences through supervised monthly outings and social gatherings – this contributes to their understanding of the world, significantly impacts their problem-solving skills and allows them to create memories and meaningful relationships that sustain for a lifetime. They gain a greater understanding of their community, strengthen connections and foster a sense of belonging.

Our pastoral care team closely monitors the academic progression and personal development of each boarder, and mentors and counsel them through deviations, disruptions and misconduct.

They foster values of inclusion and collaborative work amongst boarders – this promotes teamwork, strengthen their self-esteem and allows them to build relationships for life.

School Life

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