Experience Destinations

Experience Destinations

School trips and excursions are a powerful and effective means to engage pupils in active learning and gain educational experiences that extend beyond the boundaries of a school. These journeys are purposed to provide students with observational learning and non-experimental research that occurs away from their environment.

Our trips and excursions are strategically planned across 35 countries throughout the year and are designed to raise awareness and promote various aspects of life in the most interactive and creative ways. Through our wisely-chosen experience destinations, pupils explore the natural richness, discover indigenous diversity, explore scientific wonders, religions and customs, cultures and societies et.al. and this contributes to the valuable aspects of a holistic and integrated learning process.

Our pupils perform collaboratively, gain knowledge and upgrade their life skills by exercising practical concepts taught in a stimulating manner. Most importantly, pupils make memories through the most formative years of their lives and develop bonds and relationships that sustain for a lifetime. Through our excursion programmes, we:

  • Impart industry specific knowledge
  • Create historical interest
  • Provide fun and recreational programme
  • Engage pupils in activities for physical development
  • Create an appreciation for our natural environment
  • Provide opportunities for social interaction and give a unique experience in co-operating in a group

Our pupils get a new perspective of the world by connecting directly with new cultures, languages and communities – this promotes a sense of independence amongst them and mentors global citizenship.

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