Recreational Activities

Recreational Activities

A fundamental and worthy objective to live a content and blissful life is to recognise mediums that bring unadulterated happiness and becomes an outlet for self-expression and personal development. In the modern era of challenges, competition and complexities, it is a requisite to balance routines and responsibilities of life with emotional and physical stability. By demonstrating the coherent link between mental and physical well-being and improved performance, we educate our pupils with the importance of engaging an individual’s body and mind in activities that relieve them from the feeling of stress and fatigue, regain their lost vigour and promote a sense of joy.

The consistent development of recreational practices and leisure attitude at an early age supports the learning process, improves productivity and allows pupils to operate more effectively – this facilitates achieving the school’s educational goals and objectives. Another added benefit of encouraging recreational activities is “social interactions” that promotes affable collaborations and positive contact between individuals from various cultural or ethnic groups. Through such surroundings and stimulating experiences, a child develops strong social skills, improved cognitive abilities, and a problem-solving outlook.

We recognise that to inculcate healthy habits of recreation and to encourage pupils to live active life activities must be in line with an individual’s physical, mental or social requirement; this indicates a careful selection from an array of available options and facilities.

Horse Riding

Riding horses for leisure maintains its elegance and panache through its association with royal traditions. Our pupils learn multiple aspects of horse riding that includes grooming, saddling, trotting, safety measures and exceeding beyond the basic riding skills – our riders build characters of empathy, patience and perseverance.


Movies are a powerful and influential tool that ignites discussion, creates awareness and educates the community and youth.  Through movies, we aim to catalyse inspired thinking, raise cultural awareness and initiate social drives. We run select movies that are age-appropriate and stirring, after which we promote open conversations that lead to constructive discussions; additionally, movies offer a comprehensive range of vocabulary that promotes second language acquisition and improves various facets of language skills.

Leisure Longue & Gaming Room

Our Leisure lounge is the social wing of the school which is a comfortable area meant for students to gather, relax and rejuvenate from their busy schedules. This lounge offers students a personal space to connect and share experiences outside their curriculum hours. This enhances their boarding life, improves their overall productivity and helps them develop interactive skills.


Regarded as a premier sport, Golf is known worldwide as the affluent’s sport that instils values, etiquettes, respect and manners. It is the most versatile sport that can be played alone or with opponents of different abilities. This sport teaches inclusion through its seamless extension to players of all age groups.

RC Cars

RC Cars are not only an incredible diversion but also a multidisciplinary activity that demands from its driver’s in-depth knowledge & understanding and strong cognitive skills. Integrating a holistic learning approach, we aim to provide our pupils with an experience that ignites curiosity, nurtures passion and persists engagement.

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