Safety and Security

We dwell in a walled and railed campus, which is patrolled by security guards who are on round-the clock-duty; closed-circuit TV cameras monitor strategic points within the campus. Our three-tier security system is monitored by constant human and advanced technological vigilance, which allows us to regulate and control footfall into and within the periphery of the school grounds. With security camera installed in every corner of the school, our security officers closely monitor the activity of persons present in the school premises.

With the help of a strict identification process and access to authorised personnel only, we completely restrict any unapproved entry.

All the areas of the school are strategically designed with multiple exits for contingency and is equipped with fire extinguishers and floor evacuation plan displayed on every floor and regularly drilled to combat unforeseen emergency situations.

We provide a comprehensive understanding of cyber safety and ways of safeguarding oneself harassment. We define structures and strategies through the provision of opportunities and participation that enhances pupil welfare and gives them a sense of purpose.

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