Social Service

Children are the genesis of our future; we strive to motivate and inspire them to bring a positive social change and serve actively within their local, national and international communities. We guide them through the complexities of the world and encourage them to press challenges and evolve as an independent, confident and a humble human being.

We offer a diverse spectrum of activities, roles, responsibilities and services that our pupils undertake and perform, and involve in addressing the needs and strengthening ties with all members of our community. This makes them a concerned citizen of the society and a guardian of human rights and social justice.

Through social service programmes, we aim to promote a change and development in the society that is characterised by the fundamental values of justice, harmony, respect and humility.

Vidsan Charterhouse provides:

  • materially for the needier communities in our locality by visiting and distributing high-quality goods
  • educationally, by tutoring children of disadvantaged households through our ‘Students-as-Teachers’ programme
  • medically, by arranging health-monitoring and ophthalmic clinics at our school for lower income-bracket families
  • activities that promote equality between people of different ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, genders and social groups

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