Robust Curriculum To Aptly Navigate Children Through Life

The purpose of education is to foster the spirit of enquiry and nurture curiosity among young minds. It can never be about caging the students within bookish knowledge and laying stress on memorizing the lessons. It is here that arises the need for a robust curriculum that makes learning a process that learners enthusiastically participate in. As an educational institution invested in the continued progress and development of children, we, at Vidsan Charterhouse, have designed a curriculum that offers the young minds an enriching learning experience that informs, excites, and stimulates them to the core. Be it about inspiring a scientific fervour or paying attention to their all-round progress, at VCH, our pupils get the advantage of a comprehensive curriculum that has been carved by experts to help them move forward in every sphere. So, without further ado, let’s peep into the various aspects of our robust curriculum with which we have been aiding our students to aptly navigate through the different stages of their lives.

Well-rounded development of the skillsets

Our curriculum aims at developing the abilities of the students in a way that they not only have the intellectual prowess to shape their lives in the right direction, but are also instilled with the necessary life skills, morals, and ethics to make their mark in any field they venture into.

Ensuring in-depth understanding of the subject disciplines

We believe that if we can ensure a clear understanding of the subjects taught in class, memorizing will not be something that the learners need to be concerned about. Our curriculum has been carved to make learning a pro-active process where each student participates equally. Learning thus becomes a natural process.

Specialized programs to take the learning experiences to the next level

One of the key highlights of our curriculum is the all-encompassed specialized programs that we have included in it. The Gospel programme focuses on improving the learning curve of students in disciplines like science, aviation, sports, entertainment, theatre, culture, and much more. Brainflex is another programme aimed at preparing our pupils to excel in international assessments like ACT, SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS. We also have summer programs and exchange programs to offer excellent learning opportunities to our students.

Letting the young scholars to aim high and meet their own expectations

The goal of our robust curriculum is to encourage the young, ambitious minds not to be afraid of aiming high. The curriculum is rather intended to prepare them to reach those heights. We believe that the determination to excel is inherent in every child, and all they need is being steered in the right direction to realize those dreams.

Ensuring healthy competition and instilling goal-setting attributes

We believe that healthy competition is indeed a necessity in the current times as it helps in the development of goal-setting qualities among the children. Our curriculum enables the students to benefit from both competitiveness and cooperation. It gives them a scope to invest as much in the growth of their acumen as in their physical wellbeing.

At Vidsan Charterhouse,  a renowned international school in Delhi NCR, our panel of expert educators, career advisors, and child development professionals have come together to create our curriculum. The broad and rigorous curriculum is aimed at preparing students effectively to set their best foot forward in the next phase of their lives. The feat of the robustness of our curriculum is evident in the higher education destinations that our graduates get the privilege and honour to attend in the later phase of their academic journey. With the continued dedication from our eminent teachers, strong spirit of our students, and relentless efforts from our end, we, at VCH, are looking forward to being a part of many more of such success stories in the days to come.

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