Skill-Based Education – Imperative for 21st-Century Kids

Skill Based Education Imperative For 21st Century Kids

What do you think the word ‘skills’ actually mean?

It is basically a set of abilities that are either directly learned or imbibed through the experiences in life. These skills are the capabilities that aid individuals in effectively tackling different kinds of issues and problems that they come across. In the 21st-century world, with its ever-changing job scenario and digital advancements, the need to learn and develop skill-based aptitude has increased. This means that humdrum routine of the classroom, textbooks, and lectures is not going to help make the cut anymore.

We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, recognised amongst the leading boarding schools in Delhi NCR, strongly believe that skill-based education has become a necessity in the world that we live in. After all, it is the skills that we teach them, which, combined with their academic know-how, enables them to thrive when they cross the boundaries of school and step into the world outside. With our aim to help our young adults make the most of their lives, honing their abilities for the modern world can not be overlooked. And this is precisely why we, at Vidsan, have always laid special emphasis on the need for skill-based education for the young intellects.

Let us take a closer look today at why skill-based education is indeed a vital necessity for the 21st-century children.

To ensure that every aspect of their personality is refined and improved

The aim of education has shifted long back from being marks-centric to development-centric. With the modern world employers paying more attention to the personality, character and soft skills of the potential employee, only academic brilliance is no longer enough. Education should bring forth a holistic development in the children that ensure every aspect of their unique and charming personality is refined to the optimum. This is where skill-based education comes to the fore as a prime requisite.

To develop the problem-solving skills amongst the young minds

The need is to teach the children that problems are meant to be solved and not cowered under. After all, there is no problem that can be big enough to not bow down in front of determination, hard work, and some quick thinking.

At VCH, we believe that the more challenges we throw in their path, be it through projects or sports training, the more resilient they will become.

To inculcate the spirit and the values of leadership and teamwork

We believe that a leader is not someone who commands to get the job done; instead, it is one who ensures self-development while also inspiring others to get to the finish line. A leader is a team worker first who understands the value of cooperation and unity for driving the desired results. This is a value we teach our students throughout their formative years.

To give children a robust platform to accomplish their future dreams

The intent of our efforts and teaching methodologies at Vidsan Charterhouse are to enable the transformation of our young buds into skilled individuals, confident of their abilities and talents. Through the knowledge and skills they attain at VCH, they get the reliable platform to set sail to their future dream professions.

At Vidsan Charterhouse, through our skill-based learning pedagogy, we aim to ensure that our students become more suited to meet the demands of the modern world and make a strong place for themselves in it.

With skill-based education, our pupils not just gain the ability to attain tremendous feats themselves but are also made capable of contributing more effectively towards the betterment of the world. This is where our efforts to deliver skill-based education to the nation builders of tomorrow find its fruition.

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