Student Council

Our Student Council is an institution that constitutes the elected and selected representatives, responsible for sharing interests, concerns and ideas emanating from the student body, with the school’s management.

It is an amalgamation of education, leadership, responsibility and democracy.

There are council representatives appointed from all three programmes of the school – Primary, Lower Secondary and Senior Secondary.

One of the principle roles of the Student Council is to uplift school spirit and represent it and bring it glory in the fields of academia and co-curricular activities. They promote honour and integrity within the student body through proactive and reactive methods. The Council is responsible for promoting egalitarian rules, regulation and environment in the school and for ensuring that there is a balanced discussion about rights, duties and responsibilities amongst the student body. During events and competitions, members of the council strive to maintain enthusiasm and self-discipline amongst participants that have the conviction to achieve success. They exemplify mutual respect, exercise fairness and allow free exchange of ideas.

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