Summer Programmes at VCH – Taking Education beyond the Confines of a Classroom

Taking Education beyond the Confines of a Classroom

There is an old Chinese saying, ‘Knowledge, like a sea, is boundless.’ So, what happens when we attempt to limit the boundaries of that knowledge to the confines of classrooms, textbooks, and study periods? Boredom seeps into young minds and learning no longer feels like an organic, spontaneous, and intuitive activity that it should be. We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, one among the leading IB Schools in Delhi NCR, believe that knowledge can only be effectively acquired by the young minds when learning is student-centric. Such a form of education has no place for confinements and limitations. It is this belief of ours that we aim to reflect through our summer programmes.

At VCH, we offer holistic summer programmes that take our pupils away from their familiar school grounds to international universities and colleges. Some of the renowned institutions where our pupils visit for the summer programmes include Harvard Summer School, Yale Summer Session, New York Film Academy, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance, and many such renowned destinations. The programmes aim to offer the children opportunities to hone their abilities in photography, film-making, fine arts, personal development, sports, and much more. Though enhancing the skills of our budding geniuses is the foremost aim of our programmes, there are several other aspects associated with it, such as:

Expanding their worldview and knowledge base

At VCH, we believe that when children are bound by the routine of going from classrooms to hostels and back again, their growth remains confined. When the aim is to expand the knowledge base of the citizens of tomorrow, we need to let them see the world for themselves. After all, developing a worldview is crucial when they are still learners, and we cannot hope to achieve that solely through what they read in the books or hear in the news.

Developing the ability to be self-reliant and independent

The time will come when our young scholars will cross the thresholds of school and step out into the real world, where they would need to carve out and walk on their path alone. The sooner we can prepare them for that, the better it is for them. To that end, our summer programmes attempt to make sure that our young fledgelings learn to perform independently and confidently with minimal support and dependence. The journey of summer programmes helps ensure that our pupils do not faze out when exposed to new and unfamiliar situations. Instead, it motivates them to make the best out of their unique experiences.

Inculcating the ability to communicate across all boundaries

It is a fact well-known and acknowledged that effective communication is the key to success in the modern world. We certainly aim to develop such strong communication skills in our students even in our classrooms and through the lectures, but the summer programmes take those efforts to another level. It allows children to interact inter-culturally, which brings a remarkable difference in their communication and interpersonal skills.

Getting a closer look at the global learning and work scenario

For an accomplished tomorrow, children must remain aware of the global learning environment and work scenario. Our summer programmes have been carved to not only give our pupils a glimpse of the challenges that lie ahead but also to prepare them to meet those challenges head-on.

At Vidsan Charterhouse, a top-ranking school in Delhi NCR, we firmly believe that the young fledgelings of today are the global citizens of tomorrow, and hence, the preparations to smoothen out that journey must start right from their years of schooling. This is where our well-thought-out summer programmes have been serving as a much-needed step in that direction, aiding and arming the children for the global scenarios of tomorrow.

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