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Tips to Navigate Kids from Feeling Screen-Addicted during the Lockdown
The spread of the pandemic and the resultant lockdown has brought in massive changes in every single aspect of our lives. Right from our perspectives to the way we spend our leisure hours, almost everything has changed. And, some of the major effects of this change are being felt by our children. With the families...
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Best Boarding school in delhi ncr
“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” – Mother Teresa Childhood is a wonderful time of life when the desire and opportunity to learn are both endless and uninterrupted. Thus, when it comes to training the...
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Best School in Faridabad
Innovative Ways to Make the Lockdown Period a Positive Learning Time for Children With the coronavirus pandemic bringing the entire nation to a standstill, the entire daily routine of most of the people has surely gone haywire. Now, with the kids being back at home and the schools being closed, people are more at a...
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Importance of Outdoor Play for Growing Children
With technology and social media whelming the life of children from a rather young age, the innate motivation to simply go outside and play seems to be fading away with time. We have seen how a majority of children, even when given time to do whichever activity they enjoy doing, would rather sit with a...
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There’s Much More to Learning than Marks & Grades
  What do you think is the prime purpose of schooling? We know the first thing that pops up upon putting across this question is learning. But then, do you think learning should remain confined within the boundaries of marks and grades? We don’t think so! Learning is something that is far beyond mere academics....
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The Key Benefits Of Having A Student Council At School
What comes to your mind if asked to list the factors that impact the learning outcome of students? Surely, it will be something along the lines of how well the students are being taught, how well they are preparing for their courses, their practical understanding of the subject matter, and more so. Isn’t it? But...
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The Key Benefits of Having a Student Council at School
When it comes to the effective functioning and continued success of a school, one of the most valuable roles is, undoubtedly, played by the students. The involvement of students in the operation of a school is a crucial part of their learning and educational process. It was this notion that led to the establishment of...
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