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The renowned American author, Neale Donald Walsch, had famously remarked, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” How true is that! We know that our comfort zone is a wonderful thing in so many ways: it helps us feel safe and wraps us in a cocoon of familiarity. However, the problem is that...
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Building a Strong Foundation for the Tiny Tots with the Wonder Years Programme at Vidsan
“Children instinctively know that the more laughter we have in our lives, the better.” – Wayne Dyer, American author and motivational speaker For the longest time we have heard the adage that ‘laughter is the best medicine,’ and of course, there is nothing more beautiful in the world that the giggles of the children. But,...
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Why is it important to teach children about social justice
“A disciplined mind leads to happiness and an undisciplined mind leads to suffering, and in fact, it is said that bringing about discipline within one’s mind is the essence of the Buddha’s teaching.” -Dalai Lama XIV, ‘The Art of Happiness’ Our children are curious little beings with unbridled energies to explore and make sense of...
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Vidsan Sports An Integral Component Of The Modern World Education 1
In certain ways, learning is a lot like taking driving lessons. You can learn all the rules of the road, study all about the gears and engines, and even answer every question about the car. And then, you get behind the steering wheel, and it’s a whole new ball game. Those things that you learned...
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A Positive Learning Environment is Conducive to the Overall Growth of the Learners
“Education must be viewed from the lens of providing each child with the learning environment that best meets his or her needs.” -Jeb Bush, American Politician and Humanitarian Perhaps the best way of describing the relationship of children with their learning environment can be given through the analogy of trees and gardening. As a gardener...
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