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Best School in Faridabad
Innovative Ways to Make the Lockdown Period a Positive Learning Time for Children With the coronavirus pandemic bringing the entire nation to a standstill, the entire daily routine of most of the people has surely gone haywire. Now, with the kids being back at home and the schools being closed, people are more at a...
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best school in faridabad
For the longest time, researchers and child psychologists have been trying to find out the factors that assured lead to better learning outcomes, and two of the aspects whose mention have come up time and again in this regard are motivation and interest. But before we delve into how interest and motivation can come together...
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Role of a School in Teaching Children to Dream Big & Achieve Big
Children have wandering minds, full of dreams and aspirations. The dreams may range from the really bizarre ones like ‘I want to be a superman’ to perhaps the predictive ones like ‘I’ll be a pilot one day.’ As they grow up, most of these childhood fantasies are left behind, and new dreams and aspirations take...
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Preparing Children For A Better Today And A Brighter Tomorrow
Every child is unique not only in their abilities and pace of learning but also in the backgrounds that they come from, and the language that they speak at home forms an essential part of that background. When it comes to language learning, we understand that it can be difficult for children to learn the...
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Robust Curriculum To Aptly Navigate Children Through Life
The purpose of education is to foster the spirit of enquiry and nurture curiosity among young minds. It can never be about caging the students within bookish knowledge and laying stress on memorizing the lessons. It is here that arises the need for a robust curriculum that makes learning a process that learners enthusiastically participate...
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Unleashing The Power Of Excursions
Learning is an organic process that is continuous and endless. It is certainly not something that can be confined within the scholastic margins. We believe that one of the primary purposes of quality education is to establish an effective connection between the classrooms and the outside world. This facilitates adaptability in children and enables them...
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