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best boarding school in delhi ncr
  The process of learning to read is not something that strikes you as complicated or difficult until it is the time to start teaching the kids at home. Reading, after all, is not a natural or an inherent skill in an individual. It is a complex ability that needs to be taught strategically and...
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The Vitality of Preparing Children for the International Assessments
In the words of Malcolm X, the famous American minister and human rights activist, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” At Vidsan Charterhouse, we believe that one of the prime purposes of education is to let children dream big and to prepare them in...
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Safe and Supportive Learning Environment is Crucial for Overall Growth of Children
The learning environment of an educational institution is ideally an amalgamation of context, culture, and spaces where children learn and grow. Often referred to as the ‘third teacher’ by child psychologists (after their parents and their educators), the learning environment plays a vital role at every stage of learning for the young buds. A welcoming...
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