The Connection between Healthy Eating & Academic Performance of Children

The Connection Between Healthy Eating Academic Performance Of Children

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to the academic performance of our children. From getting our kids the best of study aids and the finest books to providing all the additional help they need, we make sure they have everything they require to give their best when it comes to performing in their tests and assignments. But what about the food they eat? Is it nutritious enough to aid their journey towards academic brilliance? Several researches have proven beyond doubt that healthy eating has a direct impact on the academic performance of children.


According to a study by Tracy L. Burrows Et. Al. from the University of Newcastle, diet is associated with academic achievement, and more favourable dietary intake can lead to higher academic performance. This is why at Vidsan Charterhouse, we believe that it will not be an exaggeration to call diet as the final piece of the brain development puzzle. Though the connection between healthy eating and academic performance of children is manifested in many ways, the following are the three factors that deserve mention in this regard. 


The connection between the lack of a proper diet and absenteeism in school

Poor nutrition leaves the children susceptible to illness, and that in turn increases their absenteeism in school. Childhood is that stage of life when the body is growing and becoming stronger by the day. If at this stage, they do not develop habits of healthy eating, issues like stomach aches and headaches become prevalent, which in turn affects their academic growth as well as physical growth.


 The impact on the cognitive development of kids

Studies have revealed that access to a nutritious diet that includes vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and proteins can help to improve concentration, cognition, and energy levels among the kids. And all these factors directly influence their attention and dedication to the lessons. A study by Li & O’Connell in 2012 showed that students of fifth grade who were more into fast food fared the worst on reading and math when compared to students who ate healthier.


The link between nutrition and behaviour

Nutrition has a direct impact on student behaviour, and therefore, also on their studies. A paper published in 2008 on the relationship between nutrition and behaviour demonstrated that a healthy diet and having food at regular intervals can enhance the psychological well-being of the learners. It is said to reduce emotional misbalances in children making them more disciplined in their conduct and work.


How we, at Vidsan, have always ensured healthy eating on campus?

With all these factors in mind, we, at VCH, have always paid special attention to ensuring that the absence of a healthy diet is never something that our children have to face. Our years of educating children have given us the firsthand idea about the extent healthy eating is linked to improved academic performance. 


The dining on campus is managed by Sodexo, which is a renowned name in the hospitality industry with its commitment to serve nothing but quality food to its clients. We lay special focus on quality control and nutrition aspects, and serve our children with a wholesome diet that meets their nutritional demands and tastes delicious too!


Our kitchen has no place for processed foods, and we are stringent about serving only fresh food to our young fledgelings. At Vidsan Charterhouse, one among the leading international board schools in Delhi, we proudly say that when it comes to the development of our children, compromise, in any sense, can never sneak in.

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