The Connection between Storytelling & Listening Skills of Children

The Connection between Storytelling & Listening Skills of Children

If there’s one thing that can get children engrossed for hours on end, other than playing their favourite games, it is stories for sure. From fairytales and magic to adventures and action, their preferred genres might defer, but there’s no denying their love for stories. Tell them a nice story that lets their imagination soar, and you can have even the most spirited kid sitting quietly at one place for as long as the tale unfolds. However, that is not the sole reason why we, at Vidsan Charterhouse, recognized amongst the leading IB schools in Delhi, believe that storytelling has to be an important part of the childhood for every kid.

One of the foremost benefits of storytelling is the positive impact it has on the listening skills of children. When the storyteller elucidates their favourite tale, children focus and listen keenly to internalize the ideas, which leads to an inherent development of their listening abilities.

With that being said, let’s delve deeper into the connection between storytelling and listening skills of children.

Enhancement of the ability to concentrate and decipher

When children listen to the story, they naturally tend to concentrate on every word that the storyteller is saying. Miss a couple of words, and a major plot point might be lost on them! This makes the kids become avid listeners when they grow up hearing stories right from their childhood.

Besides, it’s not like they only hear the stories; they also need to focus to decipher the meaning of the tale being told. Therefore, storytelling leads to a comprehensive development of the listening skills of the children.

Familiarizing children with the nuances of spoken language

It is also noticeable that children who grow up hearing stories from early childhood also have a keener understanding of the finer nuances of the spoken language. After all, through the process of hearing stories, they also imbibe how phrases and words are used for stringing together sentences, and how different words are pronounced. The young listeners absorb many words in the process that they can be thereby seen using in their everyday communications and even in their written works.

Understanding the significance of listening to others

A good listener also has a deeper understanding of the fact that they should let others speak completely and clearly. An avid listener knows for sure that he/she shouldn’t keep interrupting and disturbing the storyteller every five minutes, and should rather let the storyteller finish speaking before throwing up any questions.

This shows that storytelling also helps to develop good listening skills in children, where they learn about letting the speaker put forth their ideas and finish what they have to say. And, this integral aspect of the skill is well-endowed in the kids who grow up listening to a myriad of tales.

Storytelling as an effective and fun way of skill development

We attempt so many ways to instil the crucial skills in our children from a young age. We try to advise them about it, attempt to help them inculcate the skills through various activities, and even help them understand the significance of those skills through an open discussion. However, storytelling as a method of developing listening skills is not only effortless and fun but is also highly effective. Children learn the art of listening naturally through this method, without the need for us to advise or make them pick up this ability.

At Vidsan Charterhouse, we have always believed that the stories are like our children’s window to new worlds, where their imaginations can soar, and new ideas are formed. And, what can be better when engaging in such a wholesome activity also works to enhance their skills as a listener! So go on and engage your kids in more of storytelling sessions at home as this activity will not only bring your kids closer to you but will also aid in their skill development.

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