The Key Benefits of Having a Student Council at School

The Key Benefits of Having a Student Council at School

When it comes to the effective functioning and continued success of a school, one of the most valuable roles is, undoubtedly, played by the students. The involvement of students in the operation of a school is a crucial part of their learning and educational process. It was this notion that led to the establishment of a Student Council at Vidsan Charterhouse.

We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, ranked as the Best School in Delhi NCR, are proud to have a well-structured and disciplined body of the student council, comprising of both elected and selected representatives, who are dedicated towards the welfare of the school and their fellow schoolmates. Over the years, the student council has helped the students and us in more ways than one, and so, today we have decided to shed the spotlight on some of the key benefits of having a student council.

Letting the young buds take on leadership roles responsibly

We firmly believe that there’s a leader in every child that needs a gentle nudge to come to the forefront. Having a student council lets us do just that; our young leaders from primary, lower and senior secondary classes come out all ready to handle the responsibilities that we entrust them with.

Giving them a voice by offering them the firsthand idea of democracy

Democracy lies fundamentally in giving voice to the ones that have been bestowed responsibility to represent and speak for their own. When you think of it from this perspective, there can be nothing better than being a part of the student council to get the firsthand idea of democracy. We want our children to have a voice in varied aspects concerning our institution, right from organising competitions and events to establishing regulations.

Promoting and upholding the rules and regulations of the institution

By empowering students with the responsibility to establish the rules, maintain the decorum, and uphold the school’s dignity, we deliver the most exceptional lessons in self-regulation and self-discipline.

Understanding the need for the balance between rights and duties

Every student must realise his/her rights in the institution and society.

Through a well-functioning student council in our midst, we aim to teach our students their duty towards their esteemed school. After all, understanding the need for maintaining the perfect balance between rights and responsibilities cannot be taught in classrooms. It has to be imbibed and accepted through experiential learning.

The Student Council at Vidsan Charterhouse has always uplifted the spirit of the fellow students and endeavoured to bring home glory in the field of academics and co-curricular. When we see our young leaders showcase mutual respect for each other, exchange ideas, and wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to the betterment of the institution, it becomes a testimony to our efforts to imbibe the right values amongst our students.

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