The Multidimensional School Life at Vidsan Charterhouse

The Multidimensional School Life At Vidsan Charterhouse

Schools are often regarded as the temple of education. But having said that, how do you think the environment and life at a school should be like? Can a place where students read, write, memorize, and are finally assessed based on grades be called a temple of education?

We, at Vidsan Charterhouse, don’t believe in this contemporary concept of education impartation. We believe that it is a school where the young ones transform from little buds into confident and resilient individuals. A school should hence offer much more than knowledge exchange; it should be able to endow its students with a nurturing environment where children learn, prosper, and flourish comprehensively.

At Vidsan Charterhouse, school life is uniquely different from traditional institutions. Each student is offered opportunities to develop their inherent talents and fuel their passion.

Here’s how we have carved a unique and innovative framework at our school that aids in multidimensional growth of our fledgelings:

Comprehensive pastoral care to aid in the all-round development of our young scholars

We believe that children flourish to their optimum when they are provided with an environment that’s not only secure and comfortable, but is equally conducive to their physical, psychological, and scholastic growth. That is exactly what our pastoral care aims to offer.

Our pastoral care unit emphasises on relationship building and establishing connections among the students and with the faculty. This helps them adjust well in the environment and boosts their confidence while facilitating an overall development.

Taking students closer to the community through active social work

The school life at VCH is not all about staying within the boundaries of the hostel and concentrating solely on academics. We always inspire our pupils towards ushering in positive social changes by actively participating in various community activities. When they engage in such social works together, it not only helps build camaraderie among the children but also makes them humble and empathetic human beings.

The clubs and societies that excite and educate the young minds

The progressive and stimulating clubs and societies at Vidsan let the children tap into their innate talents. We have Aeschylus – the theatre club; Baroque – the canvas club; Charreia – the riding club, and more that cater to improve the significant aspects of their personalities. These clubs have been developed to enable the young buds to expand the breadth of their interests, hone their skills, and discover new interests in the process.

School trips to go beyond the boundaries of classrooms and boarding

We believe that it is necessary to let children travel around and understand the world at large. It enables them to gain a sound understanding of the diversity that has knit the world together. Trips and excursions not only help satiate the wandering minds of children that wish to explore each facet of the world but also makes them more embracing towards it.

Our diligently planned trips contribute to the integrated learning process of students and familiarise them with the world outside their boundaries, which is an integral part of knowledge impartation at Vidsan Charterhouse.

All of the features and facilities at Vidsan Charterhouse, a top-ranking school in Delhi NCR, have been decked up keeping in mind the complete safety and security of our pupils. School life here represents a highly nurturing ecosystem, where young minds are fuelled with the right kind of support, skills, morals, values, and academic know-how.

We encourage and empower students to mark their presence in any field that interests them. From performing arts to visual arts, horse riding to aeromodelling, pupils are provided with adequate assistance and support to render their scholastic growth.

We proudly acknowledge that our unique approaches and pedagogy have enabled us to consistently produce all-rounded individuals that are capable to thrive in any professional space they venture into!

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