The Secret of Raising Self-Disciplined Children

Building a Strong Foundation for the Tiny Tots with the Wonder Years Programme at Vidsan

“With self-discipline most anything is possible.” – Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th U.S. president

The aim of offering the finest education to our children and keeping them among the most dedicated educators ultimately comes down to one thing: to help them emerge as self-sufficient and morally resilient individuals in their future paths of life. And, self-discipline, i.e. the ability to control one’s impulses and overcome the weaknesses, is something that we believe is one of the crucial elements in helping them move forward in that journey.

For all the times when we teach the kids to differentiate the right from wrong, and all the instances when we interrupt them from carrying out a certain action, it is all focused towards bringing forth the self-realization and an inherent sense of righteousness. After all, we can’t actually be right beside them at every step along the way, but we can always be there in spirit when we have instilled the right values of discipline in their young minds. So, what’s exactly our secret to raising self-disciplined children? Let’s reveal some of those secrets today!

Creating a routine for them is the first step

One of the first steps that have enabled us to create self-disciplined individuals is to set a routine for our pupils to follow. Our young fledgelings have a particular schedule, and each of them has to strictly stick to it. Setting up a routine helps children to lead a disciplined life and gives them the opportunity to monitor and improve themselves regularly.

Giving them a reason for every action is important

It is understandable that children will make mistakes, but the important thing is that we make sure never to simply scold them for it and leave it there. We believe a simple “don’t do it” is never enough for the curious mind of a child. A more effective approach is when we tell them something like, “don’t do it or you’ll get hurt.”

Keeping the praises and appreciation flowing

Children look up to us for the validation of their every action, and praising them is the way of telling them that they are on the right path. So, our teachers make it a point to praise the children for their smallest of achievements and every good deed they indulge in. It can be something like winning a trophy for school or maybe consistent efforts to improve History marks, no action goes unnoticed and unappreciated by us.

Teaching children the proper ways to respond when corrected

Let’s face it: even adults at times don’t do too well when corrected for their actions! Then how can we expect the little ones, who are still learning and growing, to respond properly? Part of being self-disciplined for them is to know how to take criticism in their stride without being rude or disrespectful towards their elders. Teaching children to respond with the right attitude is one of the crucial steps towards making them self-disciplined.

Being the role model that they can follow and learn from

We have said time and again that the best way to teach children any life lesson is to be the embodiment of those values. So, regardless of how many times we tell them or correct them, they will imbibe the ideals of self-discipline in the finest way when we lead the way and show them how it is done. And it is this aspect that is taken due care of by each and every mentor at Vidsan Charthouse. We believe in keeping the efforts focused and consistent in order to get the best results.

At VCH, a renowned international school in Delhi NCR, when our pupils first walk through those doors into the hallowed hallways of our institution, they are kind of rough gems. But once they are in, it becomes our responsibility to ensure that all of them transform into the brightest shining diamonds. While we, at Vidsan, aim to fulfil that duty with our heart and soul, a little secret of ours in being able to do that lies in instilling the valuable quality of self-discipline in our students, and we are indeed proud of that.

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